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The Rubble Security Council were in charge of everything that went on in the Rubble.[1] There were nine council members, all of which were elected by the people of the Rubble. They played the main part in the allegiance of the insurrectionists and the Kig-Yar, and were responsible for the construction of Habitat Exodus.[2]


The Rubble Security Council was established when the Rubble was formed to govern the asteroid complex. Following the destruction of Madrigal, the Rubble had accepted refugees and allowed them to become residents. When a Kig-Yar ship entered the 23 Librae system near the Rubble, the ship began to scan the asteroids. While the Council was debating if they should attack or flee, Council member Peter Bonifacio contacted one of the Kig-Yar aboard, Reth, and proposed a trade agreement.[3] A month later, the Kig-Yar and humans worked together to improve the Rubble, while the humans gave the Kig-Yar slipspace drives. In case of discovery from the rest of the project, the Security Council had voted and initiated an evacuation plan: the Exodus Project.[4] However, the Kig-Yar began wanting coordinates to human colonies in exchange for money, power and Covenant technology. Most of the Council agreed that if they did so, their usefulness to the Kig-Yar would be over and the aliens would betray the Rubble.[5] Bonifacio was still in favor of selling the information to the Kig-Yar, however. He had begun to bribe other Council members to gain a majority vote for selling the navigation data.[6]

To protect the navigation data, a data chip containing the information was given to the trusted Rubble resident Ignatio Delgado by the Security Council. Later, Delgado was approached by Bonifacio. Bonifacio asked Delgado to hand over the data chip, with the intentions of giving it to Reth. When he refused to do so, Bonifacio had Delgado arrested.[7] Delgado was later interrogated by the members of the Security Council, asking for the location of the navigation data. The Council revealed that they were intending to place the data to the Exodus Project for safekeeping. Delgado reluctantly agreed and he brought Bonifacio and Diego Esquival to where the data was hidden, aboard his freighter, the Distancia.[8] When the three reached the freighter, Delgado was about to hand the data over to Esquival, but Diego was shot and mortally wounded by Bonifacio. Diego and Delgado were locked in the Distancia's damaged airlocks and left to die from lack of oxygen. Esquival succumbed to his wounds, but Delgado was rescued by Spartan Gray Team.[9]

Following Bonifacio's betrayal and Esquival's death, Diego's sister, Maria Esquival, took his position on the Security Council.[10] While on route to give the data to Reth, Bonifacio was intercepted by Gray Team and his ship was disabled. Spartan Adriana-111 boarded his ship and took the data while he escaped in a shuttle. Without the data, Reth abandoned Bonifacio and he was killed by an approaching Covenant fleet.[11][12] Towards the end of the Battle of the Rubble between the Kig-Yar, Covenant, and humans, the Security Council agreed to launch the Exodus Project and flee into space. All surviving members of the Rubble were evacuated onto Habitat Exodus and left the system through slipspace, arriving over the colony world of Falaknuma. With the Rubble destroyed, the Rubble Security Council dissolved.[13]


The Rubble Security Council was a "technocracy"—an internet democracy—that allowed all of the residents to vote on everything, including laws and its municipal functions.[14] The council consisted of nine members, each elected by the Rubble's citizens.[15] The Rubble's security was operated by the Rubble Security Council that was elected by the Rubble citizens. A majority of the council members were corrupted or Insurrectionists, some were willing to aid UNSC personnel.[16] The Rubble had no official military force but instead had the Rubble Defense Force, which was essentially a glorified militia.[17] The defense force and its operations was controlled by the Rubble Security Council.[18]

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