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Friday, July 12, 2024

Enjoy your Stay

"You picked a hell of a day to join up."

Kurt Anderson
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February 24th, 199-Only certain people know my age

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About Me

Hi, I'm Kurt Anderson, but you can call me Kurt. I joined this wiki on November 13th, 2008 and am a Rollback user here as of August 31, 2010. I attempt to log on to Halopedia every day and if you have any messages, I'll answer them in a day or two. If at times I am rude or am showing a disregard worth complaint, feel free to talk to me about it. I love Halopedia, and I love sharing my knowledge of the Halo Universe, whether it be in heated debates about details or relaxed conversations over Live, I can't get enough of Halo.


  • Complete Halo: Reach on solo Legendary Tick.JPG Done
  • Unlock all achievements in Halo: Reach Tick.JPG Done
  • Get 500 mainspace edits Tick.JPG Done
  • Get 1,000 mainspace edits Tick.JPG Done
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    Favorite Halo Stuff

    My favorite Halo story: "Dirt"

    My favorite Halo game: "Halo 2"

    My favorite Halo character: "Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson"

    My favorite Spartan: "Kurt Ambrose"

    My favorite Hierarch: "The High Prophet of Regret"

    My favorite Sangheili: "Thel 'Vadam"

    My favorite ODST: "Gage Yevgenny"

    My favorite AI: "The Superintendent/Vergil"

    My favorite Covenant species: "Sangheili"

    My favorite Halo weapon: "BR55HB SR"

    My favorite Halo map: "Heretic"

    My favorite UNSC vehicle: '"'Warthog"

    My favorite Covenant vehicle: "Wraith"

    My favorite Halo track: "Skyline"

    My Signatures

    My past and current signatures, top being current:


    "Side by side, we march as one. Humans and Elites will die. The Earth will fall if we strike together. So forth shall all of life." -Dread Intrusion

    "Were it so easy." -Thel 'Vadam

    "If they came to hear me beg, they will be disappointed." - Thel 'Vadam

    "You are, all of you, vermin. Cowering in the dirt, thinking what, I wonder? That you might escape the coming fire? No. Your world will burn until its surface is but glass! And not even your Demon will live to creep, blackened from its hole to mar the reflection of our passage... the culmination of our Journey. For your destruction is the will of the gods! And I? I am their instrument!" -Prophet of Truth

    "Blarg Chicka Honk Honk" - Tucker Junior

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