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A Spartan wearing Orion armour.
A Spartan wearing Orion armour.
Production overview


Powered exoskeleton prototype

Technical specifications


Shoulder-mounted "Shoulder Angel" micro-missile launcher


The ORION Exoframe Load Carrier, often simplified to simply the "ORION armor," was a powered exoskeleton design developed by Project: MELAENO, as a sister project intended for use in the ORION program.[1][2]


Design details[edit]

The Orion armor encompasses a full-body armor suite, with a helmet notably reminiscent of select Mark IV and Mark V helmets of which it would serve as the grandfather of. The chest armor is equipped with a prototype fitting for a "Shoulder Angel" micro-missile/decoy launcher.[2]

Development history[edit]

ORION armor was created as a part of the Colonial Military Authority's Project: MELAENO—a project inspired by the Materials Group's Project: HRUNTING series of powered exoskeletons. Ultimately, only a few components of the armor underwent field testing before the project's cancellation.[1]

The Orion armor's forearms were field-tested by ORION operatives in Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE, during the Insurrection. Testing of the greaves was conducted by ORION candidate 029 on Mars,[2] with the suit's hardware development studies later going on to provide useful data for the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor project.[1] Classified MELAENO project files were dug up by Catherine Halsey in 2515 and the useful parts noted,[1] with the suit's design ultimately going on to inform the MJOLNIR team on ensuring high range of motion and high levels of protection.[2]

The Orion exoframe was later used by the Watershed Division as a useful stepping stone in the development of the Semi-Powered Infiltration armor used in the SPARTAN-III program. As of 2559, many of MELAENO's successes and failures remain classified.[1]


What little of the Orion armor that was actually created was employed by ORION personnel during Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE, around 2506-2507.[2]

In-game information[edit]

Orion was implemented into Halo 2: Anniversary as a useable armor set in the 20th anniversary celebration event for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, marking the first time a new piece of customisation was implemented for the game. The set is available for purchase in The Exchange on the week of November 3, 2021 and again on the week of January 5, 2022.[3]

Piece Description Unlock requirements
Orion armour icon.
Project ORION had ambitious plans for complete super-soldier weapon systems, but only Dr. Halsey had the vision and genius to bring both hardware and wetware to fruition. The Exchange, Spartan Point 2
Orion armour icon.
High-grade torso shell with prototype fitting for integrated "Shoulder Angel" micro-missile/decoy launcher. The Exchange, Spartan Point 2
Orion armour icon.
ORION hardware development studies provided useful data for ensuring both range of motion and high levels of protection on later MJOLNIR designs. The Exchange, Spartan Point 2
Orion armour icon.
Field-tested during Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE. The Exchange, Spartan Point 2
Orion armour icon.
Rigorous testing of the greaves was undertaken by candidate 029 on the red plains of Mars. The Exchange, Spartan Point 2

Production notes[edit]

The Orion armor design dates back to the 1999-era armor seen at MacWorld 1999 during the Halo announcement trailer, which was used to officially unveil Halo: Combat Evolved to the public for the first time ever.

The armor made its first appearance in published Halo media in 2005's Halo Graphic Novel. The armor can be seen on page 96 as an unnamed extra during the story Second Sunrise Over New Mombasa, in a presumably non-canon appearance.[4] It was first featured in a canonical capacity in Halo: The Master Chief Collection for Halo's 20th anniversary.


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