HRUNTING Mark III (B1) Cyclops

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This article contains information of dubious canonicity. While not officially established as fully non-canonical, certain aspects of the subject may not be part of the official Halo canon.
Heavy Assault Cyclops
Heavy Assault Cyclops.png
Production information


Hannibal Weapon Systems[1]

Product line:

HRUNTING Mark III (B) Cyclops


Mark III (B1)

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

  • Composite armor plating[1]
  • Hardpoints for weapon installation[1]


  • Arm-mounted cannon[2]
  • Arm-mounted rocket launcher[2]



In service:

Human-Covenant War


Desert operations[2]


United Nations Space Command

  • Paramilitary security forces

The HRUNTING Mark III [B1] Cyclops[1], also referred to as the Heavy Assault Cyclops, is a specialised variant of the HRUNTING Mark III (B) Cyclops, employed by the UNSC Marine Corps[2] and paramilitary security forces operating in the cities of Earth.[1]



The Mark III [B1] is a heavy-weapons variant of the Cyclops designed for special military maneuvers.[2] It is fitted with composite armor and hardpoints for weapon installation.[1],

The equipment which can be put onto the hardpoints feature an unidentified weapon and a rocket or missile launchers on the arms of the Cyclops.[2]


The Mark III [B1] is used by the UNSC Marine Corps[2] and paramilitary security forces operating in the cities of Earth.[1]

Production notes[edit]

The Mark III (B1) was first visualized by MEGA Brands Halo Toys as the "Heavy Assault Cyclops". The vehicle was considered a separate entity to the Mark III described on Halo Waypoint until February 2020, when Jeff Easterling confirmed the connection.[3]


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