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Command Mantis
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Theseus, the personalised Command Mantis operated by Jerome-092.
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United Nations Space Command


The Command Mantis is one of a number of variants in the Mantis line of bipedal walkers in active service of the United Nations Space Command.[1][3][4]


Design details[edit]

The Command Mantis variant stands taller than its regular Mark IX counterparts, though retains a similar (albeit bulkier) profile. The Mantis is given additional armour plating alongside the installation of energy shielding to help protect the vehicle. For deployment into combat, the Command Mantis is capable of being orbitally-dropped in a similar manner to a drop pod, without the need for dropship airlift. When absent a pilot, the vehicle can be automatically operated by an on-board artificial intelligence, at the cost of some functionality such as the missile launchers.[2][3][4]

A specific Command Mantis operated by Jerome-092 and nicknamed Theseus was fitted with a number of unique enhancements - though it is unknown which of Theseus' properties are unique to that specific vehicle or inherent to the Command Mantis line as a whole. These include the incorporation of a command-and-control nexus relay taken from UNSC Spirit of Fire that allow the vehicle to serve as a backup battlenet hub in the event that contact with Spirit of Fire is lost. Accordingly, the Command Mantis serves as a capable mobile command post for field operations, though its heavier armaments also allow it to work as a siegebreaker vehicle too.[3][4]


Jerome-092 and Theseus.

Unlike the standard Mantis, which does not have replaceable weapons hardpoints,[5] the Command Mantis has a variable loadout that can be configured by the operator.[1] In its most common configuration, the regular Mantis' M655 machine guns are replaced with two arm-mounted high-precision laser cannons of extreme visual similarity to the Spartan Laser series of handheld infantry lasers, or the laser cannons employed mounted on the G81 Condor gunship.[1][2] Two shoulder-mounted missile launchers of visual similarity to the M80 MLRS, albeit much larger, are also installed for heavier targets.[2] These missile launchers do, however, have a minimum engagement range, and may be a specific addition unique to Theseus, as they are only able to be operated while Jerome-092 is piloting the vehicle.[4]

In-game information[edit]

Halo Wars 2[edit]

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The Command Mantis is a hero unit exclusive to Commander Jerome.

Phoenix log[edit]

Phoenix Log - Command Mantis
Phoenix log artwork

Theseus unleashed!

The Command Mantis is a hero vehicle deployed by Commander Jerome. It is an upgraded variant of the Mantis all-environment bipedal walker armed with twin high energy lasers and fitted with an advanced energy shield.

The Mantis can operate in an unmanned combat mode or be piloted by Commander Jerome. When piloted by Commander Jerome the mech's long-range missile launchers are also deployed, though these do have a minimum engagement distance. Jerome-092 is free to disembark at any time with the unload ability.

The Command Mantis is tailored specifically for Jerome's neural interface and cannot be Hijacked. Upgrades to Commander Jerome also affect the Command Mantis, and he continues to Inspire while operating the mech.

Nicknamed Theseus by Jerome-092, his personalized Command Mantis is a mobile command post and linebreaker unit that complements both his augmented physiology and leadership style. It incorporates one of the Spirit of Fire's command—and—control nexus relays, enhancing Jerome's situational awareness of the battlefield and serving as a backup for the UNSC battlenet should the ship be crippled or destroyed.


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