HRUNTING Mark I exoskeleton

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Not to be confused with MJOLNIR Mark I or the unnamed Mark I exoskeleton, two unrelated exoskeletons bearing the same "Mark I" moniker.
HRUNTING Mark I exoskeleton
Illustration of the HRUNTING Mark I exoskeleton.
Production overview


Materials Group[1]


Powered exoskeleton[1]


  • Logistical support vehicle[1]
  • Weapons carrier[1]
  • Lifting[1]
  • Material handling[1]
Technical specifications


  • Overhead weapon mount built into the backpack

The Mark I exoskeleton was the first major powered exoskeleton created by the Materials Group as part of Project HRUNTING. It was fielded in limited numbers during the Domus Diaspora of the 24th century.[1]


Design details[edit]

Despite its age, the Mark I bears many outward visual similarities with the Mark I Armor Defense System developed during the Human-Covenant War. It is bulky and heavily-armoured and features a large helmet. A cannon may be mounted on the top of the backpack.

Development history[edit]

The Mark I exoskeleton was developed by the HRUNTING program following its acquisition by Materials Group at the conclusion of the Interplanetary War. At this time, the demilitarisation of the Sol system saw Materials Group refocus HRUNTING's earlier efforts away from combat vehicles and more toward technologies that could aid in extrasolar colonisation efforts and military logistics.[1]


During the early stages of interstellar colonisation, the Mark I saw use in the United Nations Space Command as a military logistics vehicle and weapons carrier. The Mark I was also licensed and modified for civilian usage, where it enjoyed use for heavy lifting and material handling in confined spaces such as aboard spacecraft and space stations.[1]


In July 2511, during the earliest planning phases of what would become Project: MJOLNIR, Halsey referred to the design of this exoskeleton,[2] among others such as the Mark I prototype exoskeleton[3] and Project: MELAENO's ORION exoframe for reference and inspiration.[1] She sketched the prototype exoskeleton in her personal journal, with an annotation pondering how much of the design would remain useful for her upcoming power armour developments.[2] However, she ultimately chose to start completely from scratch.[2][3]

This exoskeleton design was later revisited years later by the joint projects Project: HRUNTING and Project: YGGDRASIL,[Note 1] which jointly created the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I ADS.[4][5] The Mark I ADS is in most respects visually identical to the Mark I exoskeleton,[6][7] but reaped the benefits of years of additional experience and technological improvements, including advancements pioneered by Project: MJOLNIR.[8]

The Skyfire Exosuit bears a strong visual resemblance to the Mark I, though it is unknown if the two share a direct connection.

Production notes[edit]

Some sources, such as a Halo Waypoint video series,[9] conflate this exoskeleton with early iterations of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. However, the armour is known to predate Project: MJOLNIR,[2] thus this is a mistake.


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  1. ^ Although it is not outright confirmed that the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I was based upon this exoskeleton, the Mark I looks visually almost identical to it, and the HRUNTING project had previously done something similar, re-engineering the Mark III exoskeleton into the HRUNTING Mark III (B) Cyclops