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Mark III exoskeleton

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United Nations Space Command


The Mark III exoskeleton, or Mark III [A] exoskeleton,[2][Note 1] was a line of prototype armoured exoskeletons originally in service with the United Nations Space Command.[1]


The Mark III exoskeleton is essentially a strength-enhancing suit for a human operator, with applications in many fields due to their ease-of-use and load-bearing capacity. The initial Mark III exoskeleton prototypes featured neural interface controls, in addition to a sealed armoured canopy for the operator, noted as visually reminiscent of later EVA-class Mjolnir helmets.[2]

Development history[edit]

The Mark III line of prototype armoured exoskeletons was initially launched in 2510. It is likely that it was a successor to the earlier Mark I exoskeleton. However, the Mark III line became defunct quickly after its launch, with the Office of Naval Intelligence scrapping their plans for the exoskeleton and pursuing the fledgling Project: MJOLNIR instead.[1]

In 2513, a Project: HRUNTING research team at Weapons Research Facility T12A on Algolis evaluated the abandoned Mark III line and made many of their own breakthroughs. These culminated in the production of a new variant, now called HRUNTING Mark III [B] or, more informally, the "Cyclops".[1] After this variant was created, the original exoskeleton was retroactively given the name Mark III [A].[2][Note 1]


Mark III [A1] Peacekeeper[edit]

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A specialised variant of the Mark III [A] exoskeleton, designed for law enforcement SWAT teams. They were often equipped with a large riot shield and a low-pressure autocannon that fired riot-control munitions. However, most were destroyed after being pressed into active combat duty.[2]

HRUNTING Mark III [B] Cyclops[edit]

Main article: HRUNTING Mark III (B) Cyclops

A significantly improved variant of the Mark III exoskeleton, nicknamed the Cyclops, produced by Project: HRUNTING after evaluating the then-defunct original Mark III line. This variant was originally designed for non-combat roles within the military, such as dock work, but has also been fielded in combat situations, for repair work and in even rarer cases, in anti-fortification roles.[1]

Various further Cyclops iterations were produced based upon the breakthroughs made by Project: HRUNTING with their Mark III [B].[1][2]

Production notes[edit]

Though it has never been seen in any visual media, Halo Waypoint used a piece of early Halo Wars concept art of the HRUNTING Mark III [B] Cyclops as the image for its universe page on the Cyclops, and also gave a description of the original Mark III [A] exoskeleton that bore a striking resemblence to said piece of art, suggesting that the concept art represents the canonical visual appearance of the Mark III [A].[2]

Some sources, such as a Halo Waypoint video series,[3] conflate this Mark III exoskeleton with MJOLNIR Mark III. However, this Mark III exoskeleton predates Project: MJOLNIR,[4] and so this is treated as a mistake.


  1. ^ a b Halo Waypoint makes reference to a Mark III [A] variant of the exoskeleton, and establishes that this was the initial version, but Halo: The Essential Visual Guide established that the original exoskeleton was simply named Mark III, and that the next iteration was the HRUNTING Mark III [B], produced by Project: HRUNTING. Thus, it is assumed Mark III [A] is a retroactive designation for the original exoskeleton.