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Mark III exoskeleton
Concept art used to represent the Mark III exoskeleton on Halo Waypoint. A full concept sheet can be found here.

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United Nations Space Command


The Mark III exoskeleton, or Mark III [A] exoskeleton,[2][Note 1] was a line of prototype armoured exoskeletons originally in service with the United Nations Space Command.[1]


The Mark III exoskeleton is essentially a strength-enhancing suit for a human operator, with applications in many fields due to their ease-of-use and load-bearing capacity. The initial Mark III exoskeleton prototypes featured neural interface controls, in addition to a sealed armoured canopy for the operator, noted as visually reminiscent of later EVA-class Mjolnir helmets.[2]

Development history[edit]

The Mark III line of prototype armoured exoskeletons was initially launched in 2510. However, the Mark III line became defunct quickly after its launch, with the Office of Naval Intelligence scrapping their plans for the exoskeleton and pursuing the fledgling Project: MJOLNIR instead.[1]

In 2513, a Project: HRUNTING research team at Weapons Research Facility T12A on Algolis evaluated the abandoned Mark III line and made many of their own breakthroughs. These culminated in the production of a new variant, now called HRUNTING Mark III [B] or, more informally, the "Cyclops".[1] After this variant was created, the original exoskeleton was retroactively given the name Mark III [A].[2][Note 1]


Mark III [A1] Peacekeeper[edit]

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A specialised variant of the Mark III [A] exoskeleton, designed for law enforcement SWAT teams. They were often equipped with a large riot shield and a low-pressure autocannon that fired riot-control munitions. However, most were destroyed after being pressed into active combat duty.[2]

HRUNTING Mark III [B] Cyclops[edit]

Main article: HRUNTING Mark III (B) Cyclops

A significantly improved variant of the Mark III exoskeleton, nicknamed the Cyclops, produced by Project: HRUNTING after evaluating the then-defunct original Mark III line. This variant was originally designed for non-combat roles within the military, such as dock work, but has also been fielded in combat situations, for repair work and in even rarer cases, in anti-fortification roles.[1]

Various further Cyclops iterations were produced based upon the breakthroughs made by Project: HRUNTING with their Mark III [B].[1][2]

Production notes[edit]

Though it has never been seen in any visual media, Halo Waypoint used a piece of early Halo Wars concept art of the HRUNTING Mark III [B] Cyclops as the image for its universe page on the Cyclops, and also gave a description of the original Mark III [A] exoskeleton that bore a striking resemblence to said piece of art, suggesting that the concept art represents the canonical visual appearance of the Mark III [A].[2]

Some sources, such as a Halo Waypoint video series,[3] conflate this Mark III exoskeleton with MJOLNIR Mark III. However, this Mark III exoskeleton predates Project: MJOLNIR,[4] and so this is treated as a mistake.


  1. ^ a b Halo Waypoint makes reference to a Mark III [A] variant of the exoskeleton, and establishes that this was the initial version, but Halo: The Essential Visual Guide established that the original exoskeleton was simply named Mark III, and that the next iteration was the HRUNTING Mark III [B], produced by Project: HRUNTING. Thus, it is assumed Mark III [A] is a retroactive designation for the original exoskeleton.