Weapons Research Facility T12A

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The facility under attack.

Weapons Research Facility T12A was an Office of Naval Intelligence research and development facility located on Algolis.[1][2] In 2513 the HRUNTING Mark III [B] powered exoskeleton was developed by the facility's HRUNTING research team.[1] Decades later[1] the Mark I powered exoskeleton was developed by the HRUNTING team in conjunction with the related Project YGGDRASIL.[2]

Near the end of the Human-Covenant War in early 2549,[Note 1] a Marine nicknamed "Ghost" used the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I exoskeleton housed inside the facility to fend off Covenant forces in a desperate last stand. After the surviving civilians and Marines evacuated the facility, Ghost initiated the self-destruct sequence of the exoskeleton's nuclear fission reactor to prevent the capture of the suit's technology. The resulting nuclear blast obliterated the facility along with all Covenant ground forces in the area.[2]


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