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Features an aggressive AI


ACHILLES-class Mjolnir is a variant of the Mjolnir [GEN2] armor.[1]


The Achilles suit's neural interface is equipped with a savage AI that gnaws at the mind of its user, easily leading to excessive violence in combat.[1]


Only select Spartans who have mastered themselves are allowed to requisition the Achilles set, as unskilled wearers will quickly lose themselves to uncontrolled rage at the hands of the suit's embedded AI.[1]

In-game information[edit]

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

Unlock: Achieve level 3 in all of the Spartan Company Mastery Commendations' Kill Commendations for the armor, and achieve level 5 in all of the Spartan Company Mastery Commendations' Kill Commendations for the helmet.

  • Helmet description: The AI that lies within the branching lattice of the ACHILLES' neural interface gnaws at the mind of its partner. No Spartan can stand alone against its urgings of unbridled excess, but through bonds of loyalty and duty they can be held at bay.
  • Body description: Only Spartans who have mastered themselves, bound their wrath and passion within a shell of hyperdense steel fueled by starfire, are granted access to the ACHILLES. Lesser warriors will lose themselves in a storm of blood.



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