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The Mark V BIOS, version S56.7854.3354-DKW.

The MJOLNIR Mark V BIOS or Basic Input/Output System, is the standard firmware interface for the MJOLNIR Mark V armor.[1]


The Mark V BIOS is firmware, designed to be the first code run by the MJOLNIR Mark V armor when activated. The initial function of the BIOS is to identify, test, and initialize system devices such as the heads-up display, energy shield systems and other hardware.

The BIOS handles most of the MJOLNIR's software functions when initiated. Updates to the BIOS allow newer hardware to be supported and function. BIOS versions can be viewed though the Mark V's magnification system when no weapon is being held or no zoom-supported weapon is being held.

This firmware is succeeded by the Mark VI BIOS for the subsequent MJOLNIR Mark VI armor system.

BIOS versions[edit]

  • SPARTAN III BIOS S56.7854.3354-DKW

This BIOS was fielded by Noble Team during the Fall of Reach.



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