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A Portable Spartan Support Module (PSSM) is a mobile modular building intended to provide Spartans in the field with access to parts and tools for repairing and customizing their powered armour. Systems supported by the PSSM include MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor and Semi-Powered Infiltration armor (SPI).[1]


Design details[edit]

The Portable Spartan Support Module takes the form of a single long room sheathed in metal. An airlock large enough for small vehicles lies at the center of one side of the module with a control panel and receiving slot outside the sliding entry hatch. There are cameras that survey the interior and the exterior of the airlock. Inside, space is relatively cramped. At one far, there are ceramic-topped workbenches and steel cabinets. These cabinets contain interchangeable faceplates for Spartans' helmets on cushioned racks. Dozens of tools are secured to the walls on magnetic mounts between the cabinets and the workbenches. The repair racks that full suits of armor can be hung on lie directly across from the entrance. At the opposite end from the workbenches and cabinets, there is a stainless steel table.[1]

Operational history[edit]

In May of 2553, the Office of Naval Intelligence's 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion was deployed to the Outer Colony of Gao to search for a Forerunner ancilla on the planet. Eight Spartans of Blue Team were attached to the battalion, so a Portable Spartan Support Module was set up in an underground Montero Vitality Center parking facility. After the ancilla, Intrepid Eye, was captured, she was brought to the module. Intrepid Eye managed to take control of the module and use its exterior hatch door to kill Commander Murtag Nelson.[1]

A PSSM was deployed as part of the fourth wave during Operation: WOLFE in 2559. It was used to repair John-117's and Kelly-087's GEN3 MJOLNIR armor and treat their wounds.[2]

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