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Officer harness
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Sangheili harness


The Officer harness is a variation of battle harness employed by the Sangheili. It is most commonly associated with the Obedientiary rates of the Covenant military.


Officer harnesses are primarily worn by the Obedientiary rates of the Covenant - in particular the eponymous Officer ranks. The harnesses worn by the Officers of the Covenant's Fleet of Valiant Prudence are coloured in a bronze brown-orange,[1] while those employed by the Majors of the Fleet of Particular Justice are coloured in a maroon and white scheme.[2]

In-game information[edit]

Halo: Reach[edit]

The Officer harness is available in Halo: Reach for use by players who choose to play as an Elite in multiplayer modes. Like other armour permutations, it confers no gameplay benefits to the player.

In the campaign, the Officer harness is worn by Elite Officers, coloured in a bronze colouration.

Helmet Description Unlock requirements (Halo 3) Unlock requirements (Halo: MCC)
HR Elite Officer Icon.png
Station and Salvation both command a heavy price. Halo: Reach Xbox 360, Limited and Legendary editions only Series 1 Tier 98, Spartan Point 1