O/I optics device

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An O/I device attached to Kojo Agu's ODST helmet.

The O/I (Ocular/Integration) optics device[1][2] is a helmet attachment worn by snipers in the United Nations Space Command armed forces. They are employed by ODST donning the sharpshooter variant of the ODST armor and UNSC Army personnel.[3]


Human-Covenant War[edit]

During the Fall of Reach, O/I devices were worn as attachments UNSC Army soldiers' CH252 helmets and the ODST helmets worn by the ODSTs.[3] During the Battle of Mombasa, ODST sniper Kojo Agu employed an O/I module on his helmet.[4]

Installation 07 conflict[edit]

During the conflict on Installation 07, this attachment saw use by Marine snipers across the ring.[5]


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