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HAMMERHEAD-class Mjolnir

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Production overview

Testing site(s):

ANVIL Station[1]


MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor[1]

"Some Mjolnir prototypes being tested on ANVIL Station are being evaluated for use in exotic atmospheres and irradiated environments."
— Official description[1]

HAMMERHEAD-class Mjolnir is an experimental variant of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, which was approved for testing on ANVIL Station.[1]


Development history[edit]

HAMMERHEAD was developed as a prototype for testing in exotic atmospheres and irradiated environments.[1] It was created in the skunkworks departments of ANVIL Station.[2]

In-game information[edit]

The Hammerhead armor set was first introduced into Halo 3's MCC port along with six other new armor sets, as part of Season 6: Raven. It was never available in Halo 3 for Xbox 360.[3]

Piece Description Unlock requirements (Halo 3) Unlock requirements (Halo: MCC)
HTMCC H3 Hammerhead Helmet Icon.png
Some Mjolnir prototypes being tested on ANVIL Station are being evaluated for use in exotic atmospheres and irradiated environments. N/A (MCC-exclusive) Season 6: Raven, Tier 75 Season point 1
HTMCC H3 Hammerhead Chest Icon.png
Season 6: Raven, Tier 11 Season point 1
HTMCC H3 Hammerhead LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Hammerhead RShoulder Icon.png
Season 6: Raven, Tier 35 Season point 1
HTMCC H3 Hammerhead Forearms Icon.png
Season 6: Raven, Tier 22 Season point 1
HTMCC H3 Hammerhead Legs Icon.png
Season 6: Raven, Tier 46 Season point 1

Production notes[edit]

"Though it has the rights to the design of Chalybs Defense Solutions original Mk V/K armor, Naphtali has adopted the COMMANDO name for a new design fitted with high-capacity energy banks for extended tactical package usage. Mk V/K Marketed on the excellent reputation of the original COMMANDO, the new design has yet to prove itself."
— HAMMERHEAD's (then-known as COMMANDO) original Halo Online flavor text

The HAMMERHEAD armor set was originally created as a useable armor permutation for Halo Online, a cancelled Halo 3-derived multiplayer game developed by Saber Interactive and Innova Systems which was intended to be released exclusively in Russia for the PC. After the game's cancellation in 2016, the armor was one of six sets added to Halo 3 in The Master Chief Collection as part of the game's sixth season in 2021.[citation needed]

During the development of Halo Online, the HAMMERHEAD set was changed in the game's Beta build to use the name of "COMMANDO". The armor had a notably different backstory in this release, more similar to that of the COMMANDO-class Mjolnir found in Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians.


List of appearances[edit]

  • Halo 3 (First appearance; Halo: The Master Chief Collection only)