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Joel Thomas
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Joel Thomas is a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier.


Thomas was a sergeant before becoming a SPARTAN-IV. In early 2553, he was among the first recruits to join the SPARTAN-IV Program. During a training exercise he and Spartan Yeong-hao Holst were disabled by stun rounds. After Spartan Sarah Palmer completed the objective, Jun-A266 berated them for nearly losing to the Marines. He agreed with Spartan Vladimir Scruggs that they would have beaten twice as many soldiers had they had Spartan armor. Commander Musa-096 informed him they would get armor when they showed they deserved it. When Jun introduced the SPARTAN-IVs to Musa, Joel recognized that he was a former SPARTAN-II.[1]

He was later onboard the UNSC Infinity when it came under attack by Insurrectionists led by Ilsa Zane. He joined Palmer in choosing an armor, selecting the Recruit variant. While Spartans Palmer and Davis attempted to retake Infinity's bridge from space, Thomas, Jun, Scruggs and Holst repelled the Insurrectionists on S-deck. The rebel incursion was successfully repelled due to their efforts.[2]

Battle of Oban[edit]

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On July 16, 2558, Thomas participated in a joint Spartan and UNSC Marine operation against Jul 'Mdama's forces in Saviron on the UNSC colony of Oban. During the skirmish, Thomas used a target designator to call in airstrikes in northeastern Saviron. When Commander Palmer ordered all teams to be on the lookout for 'Mdama and report any signs of enemy evacs, Thomas informed her that he had seen Covenant Phantoms turn back and descend into a nearby valley. He felt it could be handled by the Longsword he had just called in. The Longsword destroyed the two Phantoms after Palmer had tried to land her Warthog on top of one of them. She told Thomas to warn the Longsword that she and Gabriel Thorne were on the ground. He assured her that the pilot knew as everyone had seen her charging in.[3]


Thomas wears a green Recruit variant of the MJOLNIR GEN2 armor.


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