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The Saviron highlands with ONI equipment

Saviron is a vast continent on Oban, a remote human colony settled after the Human-Covenant War. The northeastern portion of the continent is home to a highlands region.[1]


Operation: DAYBREAK, a series of Office of Naval Intelligence[2] research facilities and sensor relays are located in this area.[3]

At some point after the planet was settled, refugees from other planets glassed by the Covenant poured into makeshift camps along the coastal regions of the continent.[4]

On July 16, 2558, northeastern Saviron was attacked by Jul 'Mdama's reformed Covenant faction and their Promethean allies. A joint Spartan-Marine operation took place to defend the planet. Only minor damage was inflicted to colonization equipment on the continent before the Covenant and Promethean forces were eventually repelled.[5]

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