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Spartan Yeong-hao Holst is a Spartan-IV serving aboard the UNSC Infinity.[2] Spartan Holst was part of the first class of Spartan-IVs to be augmented and trained and in January 2553 he helped repel an attempted takeover of the Infinity by the New Colonial Alliance.[1][2]


Yeong-hao Holst was a veteran of the Human-Covenant War serving in the United Nations Space Command armed forces.[3] By January 7, 2553, he had been gone through a careful screening process and enrolled as part of the first class of Spartan-IV candidates.[3][4] He soon thereafter underwent a series of biological augmentations which included physical, neurological, muscular, and skeletal enhancements, in addition to gene therapy and an implanted datacluster in his neural interface that could work with Mjolnir armor and artificial intelligences.[5] After a couple of days of learning to walk again, Jun-A266, a former Spartan-III and the head recruiter for the Spartan-IV program, put Holst and four others through an obstacle course while also facing off against fifty UNSC marines within a War Games facility.[1] The other newly-augmented Spartans Holst was teamed up with included Edward Davis, Joel Thomas, Sarah Palmer, and Vladimir Scruggs. During the exercise Holst was downed when he took a non-lethal round from behind at the base of his neck. Spartans Davis, Scruggs, and Thomas were similarly taken out of play, which left only Palmer to reach the end of the course. Jun called the performance against the marines embarrassing and the Commander-in-Chief of the Spartans, Rear Admiral Musa Ghanem, approached the group at that point and implored them to work better as a team next time.[1]

Before January concluded Holst and the four others were transferred to the UNSC Infinity, then under construction in the Sol system's Oort cloud.[1][2][6] The ship's executive officer, Thomas Lasky, met the Spartans upon their arrival and then them via tram to the Spartan Deck. While they were still being introduced to the amenities available on S-deck, a woman's voice sounded over the address system, introducing herself to the entire Infinity-class supercarrier as Ilsa Zane and announcing she had taken it over. The selection of Mjolnir armor in the deck's armor bay was limited then, but Holst and the others didn't hesitate to suit up, even against reservations voiced by Jun.[1][2] Before Jun could finish explaining that Zane had once been part of a prototypical phase of the Spartan-IV program, Holst had been outfitted by a Brokkr Armor Mechanism with a Recon variant.[2] Lasky needed to be escorted safely to a working security console so he could try to figure out what was going on, so Jun ordered the Spartans to lead the way. While they were arming themselves with firearms, however, Zane addressed them directly and then from her place on the bridge, proceeded to vent all of S-deck to the vacuum of space. Palmer yelled for Holst to get emergency oxygen masks for Lasky and Jun, so he broke open a nearby cabinet with an MA5D assault rifle. Palmer and Davis went EVA to assault the bridge from outside the ship, which meant that only Holt, Scruggs, and Thomas were the only Spartans left on S-deck when a team of six New Colonial Alliance operatives attacked. Holst managed to shield Lasky from fire with his armored body and was then commanded by Jun to get the XO to safety. Lasky protested against leaving without Jun but Holst assured him the former Spartan-III knew what he was doing. Lasky was soon able to seal the three surviving rebels away on the deck and from there he, Jun, and the Spartans made for the bridge. Upon arrival, they found that Spartans Palmer and Davis had been successful in recapturing it.[2]

Following the Infinity's deployment to the shield world, Requiem, in February 2558, but before its arrival at Ealen IV on March 5 of that year, Spartan Holst was deployed to the surface of a world alongside Palmer, Thomas, Scruggs, the five members of Fireteam Majestic, and two other Spartans.[2][7][8]


Spartan Holst armors himself in Recon-class GEN2 MJOLNIR armor.[2] He first selected this variant when faced with a limited selection aboard the Infinity in the midst of the NCA takeover attempt in 2553, but still wears it as of 2558.[2] During the aforementioned conflict on the Infinity Holst selected an MA5D assault rifle to arm himself with.[2]

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"Holst" is a German surname but "Yeong-hao" is Korean.


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