Respirator pack

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NCA rebels equipped with respirator packs

Respirator packs are equipment used by the UNSC.[1] Respirators are worn by UNSC personnel when an atmosphere is not present, and prevent asphyxiation by providing an auxiliary supply of oxygen for the wearer. Every crewman on a Naval vessel is outfitted with a respirator pack.[1] When conducting extravehicular activity in space, a more protective vacuum suit is utilized by UNSC personnel.

Operational use[edit]

The crew of the UNSC Commonwealth were ordered to don respirator packs when Captain Wallace vented atmosphere in the ship to cut off a fire caused by plasma. This was suggested by Doctor Halsey to Captain Wallace, who readily agreed.[1]

During a rebel attack on the UNSC Infinity, Spartan Yeong-hao Holst handed respirators to Commander Thomas Lasky and Jun-A266 after Ilsa Zane vented the oxygen in the ship's S-Deck. The Insurrectionists then proceeded to search the area while wearing the equipment.[2]

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