Levu 'Mdama

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Levu 'Mdama
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Mdama, Sanghelios





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Levu ‘Mdama is a Sangheili and the Kaidon of the State of Mdama during the post-Human-Covenant War era.


Levu was seen as a traditionalist, but with eccentric tastes - Jul ‘Mdama suspected that a Warthog at the kaidon assembly belonged to him. He had a large tiered chamber at the heart of his keep, the kind in which ancient Sangheili warlords had once held court.[1] He assembled the elders of his state to hear Arbiter Thel 'Vadam's proposal of peace with humanity, silencing them when they mocked 'Vadam's "love" of humans.

Later, in a private meeting with Jul, Levu admitted that he did not like humans, feeling them to be "devious creatures" who represented a threat to the Sangheili. As a pragmatist however, he knew that in the aftermath of the Great Schism the Sangheili did not have the capability to wipe out humanity cleanly. As such, the most pertinent course of action was temporary peace and a strategy of containment.[2]

Soon after, Levu left to aid Relon's keep when it came under attack. He arrived only to find the hanged mutilated corpses of Relon and his brother Jalam. He saw the handwritten warning that was hung around Relon's neck and informed Jul about the savage monks known as the Servants of the Abiding Truth. He then ordered his aide, Thun, to cut down the bodies and cover them up.[3]

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