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Mdama is a Sangheili state on Sanghelios. Like all other states, Mdama is home to many keeps belonging to the 'Mdama clan. These include Mdama keep, Bekan keep, Curo keep and Relon's keep. A Forerunner monument, a three-sided spire that had been broken five meters off the ground, could be found on the Relon clan's farmland.[1]


Compared to the other urban city-states of Sanghelios, Mdama was considered a rural backwater state. However, following the Great Schism, Sangheili society found itself struggling with basic food production and power quickly shifted towards agriculture on the planet. Because many Sangheili states relied on imported food, the backcountry of Mdama suddenly gained new power due its fertile farmlands.[2]

Shortly after the Human-Covenant War, the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam visited the state. The state's kaidon, Levu 'Mdama, and the rest of Mdama's elders convened together and listened to 'Vadam's proposal of a peace treaty with humanity. Although Kaidon Levu did not want a truce with the humans, he nonetheless supported 'Vadam knowing that they were in no shape to attack them.[3] Elders Jul 'Mdama and Forze 'Mdama opposed the Arbiter and later sought the help of the Neru Pe 'Odosima to plot against him. By 2558, Mdama State apparently supported the new Covenant's cause during the ensuing Blooding Years with Mdama keep providing the faction with energy swords that burned less intensely and did not cauterize.[4]

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