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The Bekan keep is a Sangheili keep in the state of Mdama on Sanghelios.[1]


The Bekan keep is surrounded by an impressive landscape. To the east, the nearby hills were stepped with terraces of fruit vines, and to the west, fields stretched around the nearby lake. Located in close proximity to the keep was the Bekan quarry. For centuries, generations of the Mdama clan had worked hard to ensure the landscape was preserved.[1]

Jul 'Mdama was the elder of the keep. During the Human-Covenant War, his wife Raia 'Mdama was in charge of the estate and maintained it along with her great-uncle Naxan, who also trained the resident children in hand-to-hand combat.[2] When the Covenant empire collapsed, Raia was determined to learn agriculture to prevent a food shortage. She consulted thousand-year-old records regarding food production from the keep's vault and began constructing a drying barn.[3] After Jul went missing, Raia set out to search for him and left her sister Umira in charge of the farm and the keep's accounts.[4] Following the disappearance of Jul and the death of Raia, Naxan became the elder of Bekan keep.[5]

Forze 'Mdama often used the keep as a storage facility for his vessels. Neighboring the Bekan keep was Relon's keep.

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