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Raia 'Mdama
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Mdama, Sanghelios


March 2553


Jul 'Mdama


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Bekan keep


Raia 'Mdama was a Sangheili female living in the state of Mdama. She was the wife of the Shipmaster Jul 'Mdama, the elder of Bekan keep, and mother of Dural and Asum 'Mdama.[1]



During the Human-Covenant War she helped Naxan, her great-brother, maintain Bekan keep. While Jul was more concerned with what the humans would do, she was more concerned with how the Sangheili would move on from the war, and return to a peaceful society. When her husband dismissed her she grew angry, saying the San'Shyuum had made them reliant on other races, and they must now re-learn how to use basic technologies.[2] She expressed how they might be able to find Kig-Yar traders willing to do business, but doubted if they could use loyal Jiralhanae to maintain their technology since the Huragok had fled. Jul ended their conversation and left for the assembly at Kaidon Levu 'Mdama's keep, saying they would discuss it later.[3] While constructing a barn from ancient farm records she found, Jul informed her that he would be leaving for Ontom for a few days, but Raia knew that he was plotting against the Arbiter.[4] Soon after allying himself with Avu Med 'Telcam and the Servants of Abiding Truth, Jul was captured by Kilo-Five and sent to Trevelyan.

The search for Jul[edit]

Following Jul's disappearance, Raia went to see Forze 'Mdama who told her that he and 'Telcam had not heard from Jul. Determined to find her missing husband, Raia set out from Bekan keep, leaving her sister Umira to manage the estate's accounts, and confronted 'Telcam about Jul's unknown whereabouts. Upon been told that Jul may have been taken by the Arbiter's forces, she demanded 'Telcam to let her onboard the Unflinching Resolve and accompany the crew on its assault on Vadam.[5] During the assault, the ship lost its navigation controls and suffered a direct hit causing it to crash on Vadam's shoreline. Raia survived the crash-landing with the help of Dunil.[6] Despite the insistence of Forze to return home, she was determined to storm Vadam keep with the rebels and search for Jul inside.[7]

While waiting at the rebel opposition camp, 'Telcam tasked Forze and Raia to take a Phantom to Acroli and recover a human named Philliss at Nes'alun keep. Arriving at the keep, they encountered Kilo-Five, who extracted Phillips in the midst of a skirmish. They followed Tart-Cart as it was forced to land and make necessary repairs. As Forze conversed with the Marines, Raia attempted to contact 'Telcam to notify him that Kilo-Five would be taking Phillips. Raia soon informed Forze that 'Telcam gave his consent and ordered him to assist Kilo-Five with their repairs. After handing over some pipes and wire, Forze and Raia returned to their Phantom and then made their way back to Vadam.[8]

Upon returning to the rebel camp, 'Telcam's forces began to bombard the Vadam keep with the help the rebel destroyer Defender of Faith. However they were soon forced to retreat when the UNSC Infinity destroyed Defender of Faith and fired a MAC round at the Abiding Truth's ground forces. Raia was onboard the Covenant frigate, Cleansing Truth, as it attempted to flee to Laqil and was shot down by the Arbiter's cruiser, Swordsman.[9]


Raia's son Dural promised to avenge her death and carve her story on their keep's Saga wall. Feeling responsible for her death by allowing her to enter a combat zone, Avu Med 'Telcam took Dural on as an apprentice.[10] Jul 'Mdama, correctly believing that humans were responsible for her death, would eventually form a new Covenant faction in order to exact his vengeance on humanity.[11]

Personality and traits[edit]

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Proud and wise, she was eager to see her race become strong again. Not as warriors like the San'Shyuum had molded them into over thousands of years, but as an independent race that explored and created as they did before they became servants of the Prophets.

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