Unflinching Resolve

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Unflinching Resolve
Production information


Covenant frigate



Repulsor engines

Slipspace drive:


Service information


March 2553

Known commanders:

Shipmaster Buran 'Utaral



Unflinching Resolve was a Covenant frigate that was once in service with the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War. Its shipmaster was a Sangheili known as Buran 'Utaral.[1]


During the Human-Covenant War, Unflinching Resolve was commanded by Shipmaster Buran 'Utaral. However, he lost command of the ship during the Great Schism. By 2553, Unflinching Resolve had been sent to the Aanrar Shipyard on the Ranarum Orbital Platform orbiting Sanghelios. When the Servants of the Abiding Truth needed vessels for their coup against Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, Buran suggested that they could use Unflinching Resolve. As its former shipmaster, Buran believed he still held the loyalty of most of the frigate's crew and could retake it.[2] Jul 'Mdama said that they could simply walk into the shipyard and take the frigate, a plan that Buran agreed to. Jul, Avu Med 'Telcam, and Forze 'Mdama accompanied Buran to the shipyard and managed to get to the frigate's bridge. Buran told the Aanrar dockmaster that he was taking Unflinching Resolve out of communications range for maintenance assessments, which the dockmaster allowed.[3] After taking the ship, it was hidden in a sandstone quarry in Bekan keep in the state of Mdama until the frigate was needed.[4]

After the attempted Jiralhanae uprising in the state of Ontom, 'Telcam decided to launch an attack on the state of Vadam.[5] Buran and 'Telcam came to Mdama to retrieve the Unflinching Resolve where they met Forze and Raia 'Mdama, Jul's wife. 'Telcam led the assault from Unflinching Resolve, joined by Forze and Raia. He ordered Buran and the other shipmasters to avoid damaging any Forerunner relics in the state, much to their disbelief. During the assault, Unflinching Resolve was damaged. Buran warned 'Telcam that the frigate needed to retreat, but 'Telcam ordered him to continue the attack. Ultimately, the frigate was shot down and the ship crash-landed on the Vadam shoreline, although 'Telcam, Raia, Forze, and Buran survived.[6] The survivors of the ship ran from the wreckage, avoiding 'Vadam's forces, and joined the rest of the attacking force on the coast.[7]

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