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Forze 'Mdama
Biographical information


Mdama, Sanghelios


March 2553





Political and military information



Shipmaster (former)[1]


Forze 'Mdama was a Sangheili and a former Shipmaster during the post-Human-Covenant War era. He is the Lord of Curo keep in the state of Mdama.[2]


During the Human-Covenant War he was a shipmaster in the Covenant, but he lost command of his ship during the Great Schism. In January 2553, he attended a meeting with the Kaidon Levu 'Mdama and the Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam, in the kaidon's keep. He sat behind another former shipmaster, Jul 'Mdama, with whom he discussed what they would do for a High Council now that the San'Shyuum had been "kicked out". He felt the kaidons would continue to argue over a form of council and the location of a global capital for a long time. He stayed behind after the meeting with Jul and was fidgeting with his holster when he expressed his opinion that the Sangheili would regret making peace with the humans. He decided that he would ally himself with Jul, in whatever he would attempt.

Soon after, Forze and Jul traveled to the state of Ontom aboard a wave-skimmer to meet with the Servants of the Abiding Truth. They allied with Avu Med 'Telcam purely out of pragmatism, as the Abiding Truth were best-equipped to overthrow the Arbiter. In February 2553, Forze, Jul, 'Telcam, Buran 'Utaral, and several of Buran's crew went to the Aanrar Shipyard on the Ranarum Orbital Platform and stole the Covenant frigate Unflinching Resolve. The ship was then hidden in a sandstone quarry near Bekan keep.[3] Unbeknownst to Forze, Jul later went missing after being captured by Kilo-Five.

Blooding Years[edit]

In March 2553, following a Jiralhanae uprising in the state of Ontom, 'Telcam decided to launch his attack on the state of Vadam. Arriving at Bekan quarry, 'Telcam met with Forze and Raia 'Mdama, who confronted him about Jul's unknown whereabouts. Upon been told that Jul may have been taken by the Arbiter's forces, they boarded the Unflinching Resolve and accompanied the crew on its assault on Vadam. During the assault, Resolve lost its navigation controls and suffered a direct hit causing it to crash on Vadam's shoreline. Forze and Raia survived the crash-landing and despite his insistence that she should return home, Raia was determined to storm Vadam Keep with the rebels and search for Jul inside.

While waiting at the rebel opposition camp, 'Telcam tasked Forze and Raia to take a Phantom to Acroli and retrieve a human named Philliss at Nes'alun keep. Arriving at the keep, they encountered Kilo-Five, who extracted Phillips in the midst of a skirmish. They followed Tart-Cart as it was forced to land and make necessary repairs. As he awaited instructions from 'Telcam on whether he should let Kilo-Five leave with Phillips, he conversed with Shock Trooper Vasily Beloi. Raia soon informed Forze that 'Telcam gave his consent and told him to assist Kilo-Five with their repairs. After handing over some pipes and wire, Forze and Raia returned to their Phantom and then made their way back to Vadam.

Returning to the rebel camp, 'Telcam's forces began to bombard Vadam Keep with the help the rebel destroyer Defender of Faith. However they were soon forced to retreat when the UNSC Infinity destroyed Defender of Faith and fired a MAC round at the Abiding Truth's ground forces. Forze was later killed during the Blooding Years when the Covenant frigate he was on, Cleansing Truth, attempted to escape to Laqil and was shot down by the Arbiter's cruiser, Swordsman.[4]

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