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A saga wall is a stone mural of chiseled poetic stanzas found in the keeps of Sangheili clans. A family's saga wall commemorates the historical actions, sacrifices and legacies of its family's members. Generally, a keep's poet is tasked with composing lines to be added onto the family saga. Sangheili warriors strive to preserve the history of their lineage and the stories of their victories, so that they may be recited for generations to come.

Battle of Installation 04[edit]

During the Battle of Alpha Halo, Zuka 'Zamamee told his Elites that their story would be added in saga walls if they were victorious in the battle for Alpha Base.[1]

Vadam saga[edit]

The poetic saga of the House of 'Vadam was divided into sectional stone panels that were lined with high relief sculptures. The sculpted panels were put on display at Vadam keep on the walls of the Grand Gallery, an imposing underground chamber nestled within Mount Kolaar.[2]

Ther 'Vadam chapter[edit]

The first carved panel of the Vadam saga wall began with the life story of the clan's ancestral founder, Kaidon Ther 'Vadam.[2] According to his chapter in the story, Ther lost a war with one of Vadam's rivals and was imprisoned. Many of Ther's brethren committed suicide in order to keep what was left of their honor. Ther eventually managed to escape and later recruited followers from the wilderness. With his new allies he returned and attacked the keep, killing all his usurpers. He then threw their bodies into the river, which legend had it ran purple with Sangheili blood for a week. Ther then rebuilt his clan, the legendary House of 'Vadam.[3]

In 2559, while seeking an audience with Arbiter Thel 'Vadam inside the Gallery, Oath Warden Crei 'Ayomuu took a moment to marvel the first panel of the saga wall and study its majestic sculpted figure of the long-dead Ther 'Vadam. He later tauntingly remarked to Thel 'Vadam that his ancestor's saga would be a difficult one to match.[2]

Thel 'Vadam chapter[edit]

Kaidon Thel 'Vadam had claimed a section of wall for his own chapter and had lines etched onto the Vadam saga as he progressed in rank within the Covenant.[4] By 2559, his chapter recounted his rise to Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice and his failure to safeguard the first Halo ring. One bold panel depicted the High Prophets having the Mark of Shame branded on him and then offering Thel the redeemable position of Arbiter. Another recently inscribed section chronicled Vadam's final mission in the War of Annihilation, when he discovered the Hierarchs' lies and eventually put an end to the Covenant. This particular section also contained one of 'Vadam's favorite artistic reliefs, which bore an image of him fighting alongside Spartan John-117 to prevent the Prophet of Truth from activating Halo's destructive power. A subsequent series of panels still in the preliminary works would depict Thel reestablishing the Swords of Sanghelios and forging his alliance with the humans.[2]

Mdama saga[edit]

Following the disappearance of her husband, elder Jul 'Mdama, Raia 'Mdama left Bekan keep with the militant Servants of the Abiding Truth to search for him while they attacked the state of Vadam. Despite the insistence of many male warriors to return home, Raia was determined to storm Vadam keep with them and hopefully find her husband in a dungeon cell. Raia was killed during the Blooding Years by Arbiter Thel 'Vadam's forces. After Raia's death, her eldest son Dural 'Mdama promised he would avenge her and carve her story on their keep's saga wall.[5]


In the original printing of Halo: The Flood, the Saga wall was called a family battle poem.[1]

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