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Crei 'Ayomuu
Crei 'Ayomuu on Netherop on the cover of Halo: Outcasts.
Crei 'Ayomuu on Netherop.[1]
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Crei 'Ayomuu is a Sangheili Oath Warden reputed to be a skilled investigator and relentless stalker who always delivers satisfaction for his clients. In 2559, he was hired by a client to track down the human Keely Iyuska after she failed to appear at an arranged meeting. His search brought him to Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, who tentatively agreed to assist 'Ayomuu.[2]


Hunting Iyuska[edit]

In late 2559, Oath Warden Crei 'Ayomuu was hired by Studymaster Eto 'Saljhoo to track down a human xenoarchaeologist by the name of Keely Iyuska. This human had agreed to give 'Saljhoo first pick of any artifacts she recovered from the world of Netherop, if he were to fund the expedition to the planet. Iyuska had discovered records implying that a Forerunner Guardian Custode had long ago been deployed to subdue Netherop, but that the civilization had managed to defeat the construct—something that would interest many factions given that much of the galaxy was then under the fist of the Created.[2] Unbeknownst to 'Ayomuu, the Studymaster was working directly with Atriox to recover this weapon for the Banished.[3] After receiving the funding for the mission, she was supposed to meet with 'Saljhoo. However, she instead travelled to the state of Vadam, Sanghelios to meet with Spartan-IV Olympia Vale. It was following the failed rendezvous that 'Saljhoo hired 'Ayomuu to hunt down Iyuska.[2]

'Ayomuu tracked Iyuska to Vadam, using his Eyes to discover that she was hiding in the kreche warrens of a tenement island populated by laborers from the Kolaar Manufactorum. His Eyes warned the incubating Sangheili females at the warrens, but a band of enraged Sangheili males fired on the Eyes and 'Ayomuu lost Iyuska in the confusion. At this point, Created armigers began to arrive and he had to abandon his flight of Eyes. The armigers then proceeded to violently search the tenement islands for Iyuska, as the Created had also learned the subject of her research.[2] Following this, Crei 'Ayomuu visited the nearby Vadam Keep to speak with Arbiter Thel 'Vadam on the matter, requesting his blessing on his pursuit of Iyuska and his assistance, if he would offer it. Though skeptical of 'Ayomuu and his client, 'Vadam eventually agreed to work with the Oath Warden after hearing the nature of Iyuska's research and her connection to Olympia Vale, who the Arbiter considered an ally.[2] Once the Arbiter organized a small flotilla of warships from two allied kaidons, 'Ayomuu and 'Vadam left for Netherop aboard the Sword of Harmony.[4]

Arrival at Netherop[edit]

After nine days of evading Created harriers, they dropped out of slipspace at Netherop to find 'Vadam's flotilla chipping away at the orbital mine shell and mapping the planet's surface.[4] Once the mine shell was sufficiently cleared and the planet more fully mapped, it was discovered that thousands of tels dotted Netherop's surface, with one in particular having the strange characteristic of absorbing any radar that attempted to image it. It was for this reason that this tel was selected as the most likely site of the mysterious Guardian-killing weapon. With this established, 'Ayomuu, 'Vadam, and the two kaidons—Ghe 'Talot and Olabisi Varo'dai—travelled to the surface alongside a contingent of warriors to investigate in-person. As the group was distracted by a strange shape approaching them through the mirage above the tel, several human castaways under the command of Lieutenant Commander Amalea Petrov attacked the Sangheili, disabling their Phantoms and stealing several Ghosts. Realizing that these humans must have been marooned on the planet during the battle in 2526, 'Vadam decided to attempt to reason with them.[5]

With 'Ayomuu and the kaidons at his side, 'Vadam managed to capture Petrov and explained briefly that the Human-Covenant War had ended and that the Sangheili were no longer humanity's enemies. Petrov was understandably skeptical of this news, and instead ordered her soldiers to retreat as she grabbed her energy sword. Before she could strike, 'Ayomuu strayed a blue aerosol in her face, instantly knocking her out.[5]

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Battle of Netherop[edit]

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Personality and traits[edit]

Crei ‘Ayomuu is reputed by many to be both the best and worst of the Oath Wardens. He is a talented investigator and tireless stalker who always delivers results, either by forcing his targets to honor their word or by delivering their severed heads to his clients. 'Ayomuu is known to be very confident. When visited Arbiter Thel 'Vadam in his own keep, 'Ayomuu came before him without an energy sword, despite not be ordered to do so. When 'Vadam demanded that he either leave Vadam Keep or get to the point of his visit under threat of death, 'Ayomuu confidently stated that he would leave the keep in the manner of his own choosing.[2]

Tall and gaunt for a Sangheili,[6] Crei 'Ayomuu has a stooped posture and gray pallor. His head is noted to be flat and long, his mandibles thin, his limbs slender and elongated.[2]

However, there are some lines that 'Ayomuu would not willingly cross, such as working for the Banished. After discovering that the Banished were actually his client, 'Ayomuu was visibly horrified, and insisted that he would never work for them, having been deceived by Atriox using a Sangheili Studymaster as a front.[7]


Crei 'Ayomuu is known to wear an indigo combat harness with a pale blue visor in combat situations.[8] While meeting with Arbiter Thel 'Vadam to request his support, he wore only a cloth jumpsuit belted at the waist, and he notably did not carry an energy sword. 'Ayomuu regularly makes use of Eyes as he hunts down his targets.[2]

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