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Crei 'Ayomuu on Netherop on the cover of Halo: Outcasts.
The Oath Warden Crei 'Ayomuu on Netherop.

"Oath Wardens never share their secrets with outsiders. If you hope to learn our ways, you must earn the right."
Crei 'Ayomuu, describing the secrets of his trade.[1]

Oath Wardens are an order of Sangheili warriors who operate as bounty hunters and officers for the enforcement of broken contracts; within Sangheili culture, they are frowned upon as little more than common mercenaries. Their fighting style is also frowned upon, as it incorporates incapacitating chemicals.[citation needed] When hired, they act to force their targets to honour a broken pledge, or deliver their decapitated heads back to the offended party. Despite this, they have a strict code that prohibits them from being hired as assassins, though this can be negotiated around by a shrewd party by framing the Oath Warden's task in a way that would inherently necessitate killing their target.[2]

The guild of the Oath Wardens tend to have a higher view of their own order than that shared by their fellow Sangheili, viewing themselves as equals to other professions such as blademasters, farmers, and doctors. They have numerous internal codes and arts that are kept unknown to outsiders.[2]

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