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Kaepra's Grief[2]

Notable individuals:

Ordo 'Mal[2]


Wraithmaster is a title given only to the most accomplished Sangheili Wraith pilots in the Banished military.[2]


The title of Wraithmaster is a title that is only given to those within the Banished that display impressive skill in combat behind the controls of a Eklon'Dal Workshop Wraith.[2] On the battlefield, a Wraithmaster may be seen leading a lance of Banished infantry from their Wraith.[1]


At least one Wraithmaster, the veteran Sangheili named Ordo 'Mal, served within Escharum's forces during the battle for Installation 07 in early 2560.[2][1] Ordo 'Mal had fought on the side of the Covenant over the course of the Human-Covenant War, earning a name for himself as a feared Wraith pilot. He was responsible for at least 654 UNSC deaths during the war, a kill count that would never be rivalled any other Wraith pilot in the Covenant.[2]

Following the war, Ordo 'Mal became a mercenary, leading a network of feudal raid lances from his keep. After the Blooding Years began to wane, Atriox recruited him into the Banished. In the years since, his kill count rose to over 1,200, with many of those kills earned during the Banished's Siege of Palghanar. 'Mal found favor with War Chief Escharum, which led to him being granted the title of Wraithmaster.[2] However, Ordo 'Mal's success would come to an end during the Installation 07 conflict, where he was killed by Spartan-II John-117.[1]


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