Kaepra's Grief

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Kaepra's Grief
Government overview


Mercenary clan

Head of state:

Wraithmaster Ordo 'Mal[1]

Societal overview


Kaepra, Sanghelios (presumed)

Official language(s):

Sangheili language

Historical overview




Kaepra's Grief is a mercenary unit that served within the Banished. Originally a network of Sangheili feudal raid lances, they were under the mercenary leadership of Ordo 'Mal up until his death during the conflict.[2]


Mercenary origins[edit]

After the Human-Covenant War, the legendary Wraith pilot known as Ordo 'Mal returned to his native keep where he would unite a network of feudal raid lances under his leadership. After the Sangheili civil war had started to wane, he was approached directly by Atriox himself for service in the Banished. 'Mal accepted the offer, and he and his mercenary raid lances would join the Banished, with the raid lances becoming known as Kaepra's Grief.[1]

Banished integration[edit]

Within the Banished, 'Mal's reputation would grow, especially after the Siege of Palghanar in which he personally killed hundreds of humans. His performance earned him favor with Escharum and the title of Wraithmaster. 'Mal and his lances would become some of the most dangerous elements in the Banished combat stratagem.[1] Kaepra's Grief participated in the Installation 07 conflict, during which time their leader, Ordo 'Mal, was killed by Spartan-II John-117.[2]

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