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Kaepra is one of the five continents on the Sangheili homeworld of Sanghelios, bearing its own range of cultures, municipalities, and ecosystems.[1]


Following the collapse of the Covenant in 2552, Kaepra became a recurring battlefield in the resulting civil war, called the Blooding Years.[2] During the war, Ordo 'Mal returned to his native keep in Kaepra where he would unite a network of feudal raid lances under his leadership. As the Blooding Years began to wane, 'Mal was recruited by Atriox of the Banished and he reformed his raid lances into a mercenary group called Kaepra's Grief.[3]

The Blooding Years devastated Kaepra, having ravaged the continent for years. The 'Lhar clan's keep was one of the causalities, having been destroyed during the course of the civil war in the absence of its master Gek 'Lhar, surviving in barely recognizable pockets.[2]


Home to a vast variety of ecosystems, Kaepra's interiors are dominated by vast deserts and very little landlocked water bodies, forcing its population to reside on the continent's coasts and islands.[1] The industrial state of Lodam is located on Kaepra, home to the prominent Lodam Armory.[4] The island of Alytcos is just off Kaepra's northern shores,[5] where the 'Lhar clan's keep once resided.[2]

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