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Lodam Armory is a Sangheili military equipment manufacturer based out of the industrial state of Lodam, Kaepra, on Sanghelios.[1] Lodam Armory was a prominent armor manufacturer for the Covenant. However, shortly prior to and following the empire's fall, the armory has begun to manufacture vehicles and weapons for the Swords of Sanghelios and other remnants of the Covenant.[2]


For centuries, Lodam Armory served as a prominent manufacturer of Sangheili combat harness components for the Covenant. Eventually, the armory combined its efforts to create the first fully in-house armor system, the Storm harness for Storm soldiers, along with a Ranger variant based on the same platform. Both would be employed by Covenant shock troopers carrying out far-flung missions on frontier worlds. Several decades prior to 2555, Lodam Armory branched out from armor and began to create directed-energy rifles designed to replace the Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifle currently seeing use among the Covenant's ranks.[2]

The armory's first weapon in production was the Kelos'vaarda-pattern storm rifle,[1] developed as a successor to the plasma rifle and the Nakata'vho-pattern plasma repeater. After the destruction of High Charity's Sacred Promissory and Assembly Forges, Lodam Armory began manufacturing several weapons and vehicles for the Sangheili to be exploited by both the Swords of Sanghelios and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant during the Blooding Years.[2]





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