Gloto-pattern Breaching Carapace

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Gloto-pattern Breaching Carapace
A screenshot of the Gloto-pattern Breaching Carapace, taken by spawning the vehicle in the Halo 4 Editing Kit.
Production information


Lodam Armory[1][2]

Product line:

Covenant drop pod[1][2]

Technical specifications


3.9 meters (13 ft)[1][2]


3.9 meters (13 ft)[1][2]


8 meters (26 ft)[1][2]


0.77 metric tons (0.76 LT; 0.85 ST)[2]




In service:

Human-Covenant War[1]
Post-Covenant War conflicts[1]


Jul 'Mdama's Covenant[1]


The Gloto-pattern Breaching Carapace[2] (UNSC Type classification: Type-51 Individual Breaching Carapace, T-51 IBC)[1] is a type of multi-occupant orbital entry vehicle used by the Covenant remnants, namely Jul 'Mdama's faction.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Gloto-pattern Breaching Carapace is a 1 to 5 personnel drop pod with a primary purpose to rapidly infiltrate planetary or ship-based defenses with discretion.[1] It is one of three known drop pods in the "Gloto" family of design patterns predominantly used by Jul 'Mdama's Hesduron forces - alongside the larger, multiple-occupant Gloto'kef-pattern Assault Carapace and the reusable Gloto'kas-pattern Assault Carapace. The Gloto bears heavy visual resemblance to these designs, with a pale purple nanolaminate hull and green-tinted lights adorning the surface.[3]

The carapace's form is streamlined and aggressive, featuring four bulbous pods on each side of the vehicle - providing a "teardrop" profile while in flight. The bottom of the drop pod features terrain-locking prongs which embed in the ground upon impact, ensuring the vehicle's stability.[1] Once landed, the single door opens by sliding up, opening up the internal bay and allowing for entry/exit. The internal bay can carry a single occupant similar to the Kalu'teh-pattern, Suspa Al-pattern, Udka-pattern, and Yado-pattern drop pods.[3]

The pod is equipped with eight downward-facing maneuver drives, four on either side of the pod. These are a braking system designed to activate when close to landing to provide deceleration.[1] There are also what appear to be six additional thrusters located on the top of the pod, presumably used to provide initial acceleration during the launch phase.[3]

Development history[edit]

The Gloto-pattern Breaching Carapace was developed by Lodam Armory.[1][2]


The Gloto-pattern Breaching Carapace is the most prominent model of drop pod used by Jul 'Mdama's faction in the post-Covenant War era.[1] During the opening stages of the Battle of Requiem in July 2557, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant used Gloto drop pods (alongside the Gloto'kef multiple-occupant pods) to deploy troops into the Core of Requiem. These pods were deployed from a Zanar-pattern light cruiser which was hovering a close distance over the drop site.[4]


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