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"Mdama keep. Their plasma blades burn less intensely. Harder to cut armor, but the injuries are more grievous and do not cauterize."
— A Swords of Sanghelios medic[1]

Mdama keep[1] is the primary keep in the state of Mdama on Sanghelios and the seat of the state's kaidon.[2]

Like much of Mdama, the architecture of the keep is more archaic than keeps in other states on Sanghelios. The keep's central meeting hall is a tiered chamber, the kind which ancient Sangheili warlords once held court in, but modernized with the latest technologies and comforts provided by the San'Shyuum during the time of the Covenant. The interior walls of the keep were colored in an intensive electric blue and shiny with lacquer, while the upholstery was a glossy purplish-black; the interior of the keep appeared to emulate the Old Rolam style.[2]

With the end of the Human-Covenant War, the keep was headed by Kaidon Levu 'Mdama. On January 26, 2553, the elders of Mdama gathered at Mdama keep to hear Arbiter Thel 'Vadam speak about the state of the Sangheili. 'Vadam made his case for permanent peace with the humans they had battled for so many years, and Mdama keep and its state seemingly supported the Arbiter in his decision, encouraged by Levu 'Mdama.[2] However, elder Jul 'Mdama of Bekan keep would later establish a reformed Covenant to oppose the Arbiter's Swords of Sanghelios and humanity. By 2558, Mdama keep apparently supported the new Covenant's cause during the ensuring Blooding Years, providing the faction with energy swords that burned less intensely and did not cauterize.[1]

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