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Thorne's family.

Gabriel Thorne and his family resided in New Phoenix, URNA on Earth.[1]


Gabriel was born to a pair of respected UNSC Army officers. He moved to New Phoenix in 2540 at the age of six, after his grandfather convinced his mother that he should know her homeworld. Gabriel loved his maternal grandparents, but resented Earth because he felt it was too old and too built up. After Thorne lost his parents at the age of eight, he was raised by his grandparents. His grandmother taught him how to play the violin and hoped that he would follow in her footsteps. His grandfather died in 2553 and Thorne last saw his grandmother at his funeral.[1] Thorne's grandmother was composed along with the rest of New Phoenix's population when the Ur-Didact fired the Composer upon the city.


  • Thorne's father and mother - Both parents were Army officers stationed on Alluvion during the Human-Covenant War. They were both killed when the planet was glassed by the Covenant in 2542.
  • Grandpa Ayres - Convinced Thorne's mother to raise Gabriel on Earth. When Thorne's parents were killed, he went to Gabriel's school to inform his then third-grade grandchild about their deaths. He passed away a decade later, in 2553.
  • Grandma Ayres - A violinist who played for the New Phoenix Philharmonic for twenty years. She was killed in the New Phoenix Incident in 2557.
  • Gabriel Thorne - A Spartan-IV supersoldier and leader of Fireteam Majestic.


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