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This article is about the Easter eggs in Halo Infinite. For the Easter eggs in Halo 2: Anniversary, see Hidden toy (Halo 2: Anniversary).
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The hidden toys are Easter eggs in Halo Infinite. A total of seventeen individual toys can be found in the Campaign on any difficulty. All toys are found outside main missions, in the open world.[1]


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The Arbiter[edit]

  • The first Arbiter toy is located on the northernmost island fragment of Zeta Halo. It's located in a cave within a mountain, near Outpost Tremonius.[1]
  • The second Arbiter toy is located in the same area where Pelican Down takes place, at the top of the tallest mountain in the area.[1]


The Atriox toy is located west of FOB Echo, on a cliff side near Forerunner columns, overlooking the Tower.[1]

The Didact[edit]

The Didact toy is found wedged between rocks, east of High Value Target Ordo 'Mal and slightly south from a Propaganda tower.[1]

The Endless[edit]

The Endless toy is found in the large chasm cutting through the map. It's located in a nook on the east wall of the chasm.[1]


The GRD toy is located east of FOB Bravo, on a cliff side just north of a Mjolnir Armory.[1]


  • The first Grunt toy is located inside the same cliff side of the GRD toy, but further south. It's northeast of a Mjolnir Armory.[1]
  • The second Grunt toy is located at the westernmost point of the island fragment where Pelican Down takes place, west of a Mjolnir Armory.[1]
  • The third Grunt toy is at the farthest east island in the main open world, northeast of where Nexus takes place. It's on the east of the small island, inside a Drop pod.[1]

The Harbinger[edit]

The Harbinger toy is located just northeast of the High Value Target Writh Kul, inside a Banished container.[1]

Sergeant Johnson[edit]

The Sergeant Johnson toy is found in the wreckage of a ship, where Pelican Down takes place, near a Spartan audio log.[1]

The Librarian[edit]

The Librarian toy is found directly below the Fog Skull, which is east of FOB Alpha.[1]


The Locke toy is inside a cave, which can be entered by going just northeast of Artifact V. It's at the end of the cave, by an audio log.[1]

Master Chief[edit]

The Master Chief toy is in-between FOB Golf and Artifact IV, on a bedroll on a cliff side.[1]

The Pilot[edit]

The Weapon[edit]

The Weapon toy can be found at the easternmost point on the northernmost island, on a rock.[1]


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