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A Brute acting as a disc jockey and mixing records in Club Errera.

"If you figure out how to turn the night club on, you will have such a treat..."
Martin O'Donnell[1]

The Club Errera Easter egg is an Easter egg in Halo: Reach that is only found in the campaign level New Alexandria.[2]


The easter egg requires the player to turn on switches located on top of two buildings, which then make the Covenant forces in Club Errera to start dancing to either Never Surrender or Siege of Madrigal.


Activating the easter egg[edit]

Wait until the waypoint on Club Errera is activated. Do not go to Club Errera, and do not kill anyone there. Fly to the hospital, and look for a platform with two trees on the main building (the one with the blue symbol at the top, not the one with the jammer in it), towards the bottom near the walkways connecting to the other buildings. Land on the platform and activate the green switch on the wall.

Upon returning to Club Errera, a Jiralhanae will act as a DJ, with multiple dancing Unggoy throughout the club. Three more Jiralhanae are found acting as bartenders to the left and right side of the club, as well as beneath the club entrance, who will sometimes start dancing like the Unggoy when the music stops. Never Surrender can be heard.

Siege of Madrigal[edit]

To hear "the Siege of Madrigal," head to the top of the Vyrant Tower where the club is located and land on the roof. Underneath the ducts next to the ramp to the metal platform is another green switch. Activate it and return to the club. Inside, the Covenant will start dancing to Siege of Madrigal. The Covenant will ignore the player and dance unless the player fires at them.

If the player kills any of the Jiralhanae or Unggoy, or destroys the communications jammer, the music will stop and the remaining Brutes will attack the player. If Never Surrender is playing the Unggoy will also attack the player; if the Siege of Madrigal is playing the Unggoy will continue to dance.


The following achievements can be unlocked through this easter egg on the Halo: The Master Chief Collection editions of Halo: Reach.

Halo: MCC (Xbox One) Halo: MCC (Steam) Title Unlock requirement Games
HTMCC HR Achievement FrontPageNews.png
HTMCC Achievement FrontPageNews Steam.jpg
Front Page News
Enter Club Errera (This unlocks even if the easter egg is not activated).
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
HTMCC HR Achievement HBOrg Special.png
HTMCC HR Achievement HBOrg Special Steam.jpg
HBOrg Special
Activate the initial Club Errera Easter egg, making the club play Never Surrender.
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
HTMCC HR Achievement Play Us a Sad Song, Claude.png
HTMCC Achievement Play Us a Sad Song, Claude Steam.jpg
Play Us a Sad Song, Claude
Activate the Siege of Madrigal music in the club by activating the second switch.
Halo: The Master Chief Collection


  • The "dancing" performed by the Unggoy and the lower Jiralhanae is actually a continuous chain of animations normally shown when Unggoy (or Jiralhanae) get hit by a DMR bullet (because of the high velocity of the bullet, it causes the victim to recoil). Because of the nature of these animations themselves and the frequency of their initiation during the easter egg, the animation chains appear dance-like.
  • Although the Jiralhanae appear to be completely unarmed while the music is playing, their weapons (either Concussion Rifles or Brute Spikers) actually float in between their feet until the player attacks or activates the Jammer.
  • It is sometimes impossible to assassinate any of the Jiralhanae while the music is playing.


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