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Rigel B


Los Angeles


November 6th

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About me

meh I care way too much about sci-fi

Hobbies & interests

Blade Runner (The Final Cut + 2049), Alien, Aliens, Full Metal Jacket Black Mirror, Red vs Blue crawling - Halo 3 GMV (2007) Give me burgur pls dr. pepper or die

Favorite Halo moment

Halo 2's opening cutscene, Halo 4's ending

Worst Halo moment

Everything after the second half of the Halo 5 mission "Blue Team".

Anything else

I'll buy anything with the word "Halo" on it. Give me Halo 6, 343i.

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Hi, just wanted to write a slight reminder. When uploading images, it'd be great to make sure they're uploaded with a proper filename such as File:HR_Warthog_Render.jpg or something to that effect, particularly important is the prefix of the media the image comes from (IE - "HR" for Halo: Reach). We use a lot of bots and automated systems to do work on the wiki, so properly naming images helps us accomplish this much easier. Thanks a lot!