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A New Generation, also known as the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Reveal Trailer, is a trailer for Halo Infinite multiplayer released on June 13, 2021, during the Halo Infinite segment of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase at 2021 Electronic Entertainment Expo.[1][2]


An orange Spartan slides across a grassy field on Live Fire with the Mk50 Sidekick while there is an explosion in the background. Cuts to Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna addressing eight Spartan-IVs standing at attention at Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science. The blast door opens, revealing a Pelican and a lush forest in the distance.

  • Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna: "A new day is upon us."

Cuts to a gray Spartan jumping on Live Fire, then to a first person view of the Spartan firing the CQS48 Bulldog at another Spartan. Then it cuts back to Agryna and the Spartans.

  • Agryna: "A new generation built to fight."

It cuts to a steel Spartan reloading a VK78 Commando on Live Fire, then firing the weapon. Then to the steel Spartan firing a Type-33 Needler at another Spartan on Bazaar, killing the latter in a supercombine explosion. Cuts to green Spartan reloading an MA40 assault rifle on Live Fire. Cuts to the green Spartan jumping into a Banished Chopper and speeding off on Fragmentation.

  • Agryna: "Together, we are unstoppable!"

Cuts to five vehicles (an M12R Rocket Warthog, two AV-49 Wasps, a Riuctda Workshop Ghost, and a Banished Chopper) leaving a beam emitter on Fragmentation. Cuts to Agryna clenching her fist.

  • Agryna: "Are you ready?"

Cuts to four Spartan-IVs sprinting in a hallway on Recharge.

  • Spartans: "Hoo-rah!"

Cuts to Spartans fighting on Recharge. The green Spartan melees and kills an opponent. The gray Spartan takes down an opponent, but is killed by a supercombine explosion. The orange Spartan avenges him with the Bulldog. Zooms to the perspective of the orange Spartan: he takes down another Spartan with Bulldog, then approaches a box on the wall, which opens to reveal a Commando. He picks up the rifle and fires at another Spartan, who runs into another room. The orange Spartan launches a Threat Sensor into the room, highlighting his opponent. Cuts to the orange Spartan throwing an M9 fragmentation grenade into the room, and the explosion kills his opponent.

Cuts to the perspective of the orange Spartan approaching a Grappleshot on the ground on Recharge. He picks it up and uses it to propel himself into the air. Mid-air, he fires his SRS99-S7 AM sniper rifle at another Spartan, earning a kill.

The orange Spartan drops back down on the ground and melees a pink Spartan. He picks up a Heatwave and fires at another opponent. Cuts to the projectile bouncing off the ceiling and hitting the opposing Spartan, who disintegrates.

Cuts to the green Spartan, wielding a gravity hammer, sprinting down a flight of stairs in a tower on Live Fire. He jumps out of the tower. Cuts to his view as he swings down the hammer on a purple Spartan.

The Spartan looks up to see another Spartan firing an overcharged plasma bolt from a plasma pistol. He uses a Repulsor to deflect the bolt back, disabling the opposing Spartan's shields. He then kills the Spartan with a headshot using the BR75 battle rifle. Furthermore, he sprints forward, firing two bursts at a Drop wall shielding an opponent, then throws a Anskum-pattern plasma grenade at an opposing red Spartan. Cuts to the red Spartan looking down at the grenade stuck on his leg. A plasma explosion engulfs him and the Spartan that was behind the Drop wall.

Cuts to the perspective of the green Spartan approaching the pad previously occupied by his opponents. LUMU appears on the pad.

  • LUMU: "Hello! Let's do some damage!"

Cuts to the green Spartan jumping through a door frame. Cuts to the steel Spartan jumping into an ongoing fight on Behemoth. Cuts to his perspective as he fires his Commando at an opposing Spartan. He then uses Grappleshot to pick up the fallen Spartan's Flaktura Workshop Skewer.

  • LUMU: "Skewer acquired."

He takes aim at a Rocket Warthog in the distance. Cuts to the Warthog being knocked over by the Skewer. The view cuts back to the perspective of the green Spartan: he uses Grappleshot to board a Wasp. Cuts to the Spartan opening the cockpit and throwing out the Wasp's pilot.

The Wasp flies off. Cuts to the Wasp approaching a beam emitter on Fragmentation.

  • LUMU: "Claim the enemy flag. Return it to base."

Cuts to the area under the beam emitter on Fragmentation: a Warthog and an M808 Scorpion clashes as the Wasp flies overhead. The Scorpion fires its main cannon, destroying the Wasp. Cuts to two Spartans running across a field: a Riuctda Workshop Ghost splatters one of them. Cuts to another Spartan running towards a charging Banished Chopper. A Wasp blows up both of them, but an energy blast destroys the Wasp. Cuts to a Pelican deploying a 'Ahtulai Workshop Banshee.

  • LUMU: "Ordnance drop inbound."

The Banshee lands on the ground. Cuts to two Spartans, one steel and one beige, charging at a Spartan on top of a rock. The Spartan on the rock fires his Sniper rifle, killing the steel Spartans. Cuts to the perspective of beige Spartan as he fires his Ravager at the Spartan on the rock, killing him. He swaps to his pulse rifle and takes down the shield of another Spartan, then melees him for a kill. Cuts to the beige Spartan sprinting towards a Banshee and takes off. The Banshee flies towards a beam emitter, where a flag sits on its platform. The Banshee fires its fuel rod cannon, killing the defenders. The beige Spartan exits the Banshee and takes the flag.

  • LUMU: "The flag is ours."

Cuts to the base of the beam emitter. A Warthog arrives as a Ghost blows up.

  • LUMU: "Please haul ass at your earliest convenience."

The beige Spartan, carrying the flag, climbs on the Warthog's passenger seat. Cuts to the Warthog speeding down a trail, with the gunner firing at a pursuing Wasp. The Warthog jumps off a rock as the Wasp explodes. Cuts to black.

Cuts to the perspective of a Spartan carrying a flaming skull on Bazaar during a game of Oddball. He throws it in the air and punches, matching cutting to a melee, killing another Spartan in the center of the map. Cuts to the Spartan running towards a pink Spartan. He throws down a Drop wall. Cuts to a red Spartan firing an M41 SPNKR. The rocket hits the Drop wall, which shields the gray Spartan, but the explosion kills the pink Spartan. Cuts to the perspective of the beige Spartan picking up a Fusion coil with the Grappleshot on Fragmentation. He then throws it at a Mongoose driving towards him. Cuts to a Yoroi-clad Spartan running in the dark as sparks surround him on Recharge.

  • Agryna: "Now, show me what you can do."

Cuts to the Yoroi-clad Spartan throwing a plasma grenade. Cuts to his perspective as he fires his Sidekick at an opposing Spartan, killing the opponent. The plasma grenade, which has landed next to a Type-1 energy sword, explodes and sends the sword into the air. The Spartan picks it up. Cuts to the Yoroi-clad Spartan slashing at another Spartan with the sword.

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Trailer ends with the Xbox logo.


  • The word "ass" in the dialogue "Please haul ass at your earliest convenience" was censored with a Warthog car horn during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase livestream.[1] The uncensored version was uploaded to the official Halo YouTube channel shortly after.
  • The Grapple-Jack scene featured two 343 Industries employees: Technical Director David Berger boarded the Wasp piloted by Wes Price, the Competitive Insights Team Lead.[3]



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