Flaktura Workshop Skewer

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Flaktura Workshop Skewer
Render of a Flaktura Workshop Skewer.
Production overview


Flaktura workshop
Forge of Teash[1]


Anti-tank launcher[2]



174.4 centimetres (68.7 in)[1]

Ammunition type:


Feed system:

Muzzle-loaded[4][Note 1]

Service history

In service:


"Please never ever get Skewered."
FRET during a War Games simulation.[6]

The Flaktura Workshop Heavy Speargun[1], also known as the Skewer, is an infantry-portable anti-tank spike weapon employed by the Jiralhanae, notably the Banished.[3][2][5]


Design details[edit]

The Skewer is an anti-tank weapon employed by Banished Jiralhanae, with such operators known as "Skewer-bearers".[2] The launcher fires a "rocket-sized" spike capable of piercing through the armor of a main battle tank, or punch through the energy shields and titanium shell of GEN3 MJOLNIR armor, even from range.[2][5] The launcher has an emitter of some kind, likely of gravitic operation similar to other Jiralhanae spike weaponry, which is used to launch the spike round and can be intensified[3] - presumably to adjust the muzzle velocity of the fired projectile. The Skewer was manufactured by the Forge of Teash and developed by the Flaktura workshop.[1]

When ready to fire, the Skewer's spike projectile in the barrel can be seen sticking out of the weapon; underneath the barrel is a sword-length bayonet.[2] When used against infantry, the force of the projectile impact is enough to send the target flying back, or knock them off elevated surfaces.[3] They can also be used as anti-air weapons, with the spikes capable of penetrating the armored cockpit of a Phantom dropship.[7] Interestingly, when wielded by the large Skewer-bearers, it resembles an assault rifle, whilst human users instead hoist it over the shoulder like a rocket launcher.

Development history[edit]

The Skewer's design is a traditional one of Jiralhanae origin, predating the Brutes' joining of the Covenant hegemony.[5]


Skewers are operated by Banished Skewer-bearers. Ostensibly intended for an anti-tank role, Jiralhanae troops frequently take glee in using them as mortars to devastating effect against enemy infantry.[2][5]

Operational history[edit]

Pre-Covenant era[edit]

The Skewer's design predates the Jiralhanae's joining of the Covenant empire circa 2492.[5]

The Banished[edit]

The Jiralhanae Choros wielded a Skewer during the raid on the keyship Anodyne Spirit during the Second Ark Conflict.[3] Later, several Skewers were employed by Banished forces on Reach during Operation: WOLFE.[2] Skewers were also present during the conflict on Zeta Halo, typically being wielded by Jiralhanae Snipers.[8]


Halo Infinite[edit]

The Skewer is a powerful anti-materiel rifle that fires 1 round, similar to the Halo 4 iteration of the Incineration Cannon minus the splash damage. It is cabable of destroying light and air vehicles in 1 or 2 shots and pushing back heavy vehicles. In campaign, the Skewer is wielded exclusively by Jiralhanae Snipers. In multiplayer, it is capable of killing a Spartan in 1 hit regardless of the location of its body.

During the level The Command Spire, a Skewer is present on a weapon's rack and is extremely useful against the three Banished Phantoms that will attack, particularly as there is an ammo supply next to it that can be used to reload the weapon multiple times.


The Volatile Skewer
  • Volatile Skewer: A modified version of the Skewer that fires an explosive spike. The projectile will detonate on impact with any viable entity, be it living or mechanical. However, if the projectile impacts a benign surface, it will have a delayed explosion. The Volatile Skewer is painted white and has a blue stripe on the projectile. Used by Ik'novus during the Battle for Zeta Halo.


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  1. ^ Sacrifice, the short story included in certain copies of Halo: Shadows of Reach, described the Skewer as magazine-fed. However, gameplay from Halo Infinite later proved this false. It is possible that the Skewer was originally intended to be magazine-fed, but was redesigned after the story was published.


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