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Three Stasis mines from Halo Wars 2.
Three stasis mines deployed on the battlefield.

The stasis mine is a type of landmine employed by the Covenant and the Banished. It is part of a series of experimental weapons that generate stasis fields to immobilize enemies. As the Arbiter, Ripa 'Moramee was granted unrestricted access to these weapons.[1] Stasis mines are deployed from orbit to the ground. When deployed, the stasis mine is cloaked, and detonates when enemies are detected nearby. Upon detonation, the mine generates a stasis field in the surrounding area.[2] Given it shares the same casing, it is likely derived from the plasma mine.


Deploys mines that stun and immobilize enemy units.
  • Stasis Mine I
    • Info: Activate to deploy mines that stun and immobilize enemy units.
    • Tier: 1
    • Cost: Supplies 75, Power 75
    • Cooldown: 105 seconds
    • Upgrade: Increases the stasis area.
  • Stasis Mine II
    • Info: Stasis mines now have a larger area of effect.
    • Tier: 1
    • Cost: Supplies 95, Power 95
    • Cooldown: 105 seconds

In Halo Wars 2, Stasis Mine is a leader power exclusive to The Arbiter. When activated, three mines are deployed to the targeted location in a linear pattern; rotating the camera allows the player to rotate the pattern’s orientation. Each mine is cloaked shortly after being deployed, and will detonate when enemy ground units enter its proximity. The explosion damages nearby enemy units, then generates a stasis effect in the area (lasting 7 seconds, then 11 seconds when upgraded); enemy ground units trapped in stasis are immobilized, but cannot take damage. Unlike most of the other mines, the stasis mine, along with the Scout Mine, is not available in Blitz.


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