Zebando'Taa-pattern concussion rifle

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Zebando'Taa-pattern Firebomb Launcher
Production overview


Merchants of Qikost[1][2][3]

Model series:

Concussion rifle



103 centimeters (40.5 in)[1][3]


18 centimeters (7.1 in)[3]


38 centimeters (14.8 in)[3]

Ammunition type:

30mm[3] Class-4 explosive plasma bolts[1]

Rate of fire:


Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


The Zebando'Taa-pattern Firebomb Launcher[1] (UNSC Type classification: Type-50 Directed Energy Weapon/Heavy, T-50 DER/H)[2][3] is a variant of concussion rifle employed by various Covenant remnant factions.


Design details[edit]

The Zebando'Taa-pattern launcher is a close-ranged anti-materiel munitions launcher capable of firing Class-4 explosive plasma bolts.[1] The weapon is a rare modification of the older Elo'Nakada-pattern, featuring only slight modifications - something considered a testament to the Elo'Nakada's enduring design.[1] The Zebando'Taa-pattern launcher features a modular stock and a top-mounted ammunition expenditure display, alongside a slightly darker shade of colouration in its nanolaminate furniture. Otherwise, it retains an extremely similar form to the Elo'Nakada, including the stabilising foregrip and rear firing grip.[3]

The concussion rifle's rotary magazine is mounted in a charging spindle in the centre of the weapon, forward of the firing grip. The magazine is capable of holding six 30mm Class-4 explosive plasma bolts.[3][1] The explosive plasma bolts fired exhibit similar properties to the plasma mortar projectiles fired by larger Rizvum-pattern Revenants or Wraith tanks, albeit with a higher muzzle velocity and accuracy and a lower grade payload.[3]


Covenant concussion rifles are designed to fulfil a role analogous to human grenade launchers, such as the M319 employed by the UNSC Army. They are employed as anti-materiel munitions launchers, and are capable of being used against infantry and light vehicles - serving as one of the heaviest infantry weapons used by Covenant ground forces.[3]

Service history[edit]

While the Elo'Nakada-pattern concussion rifles were heavily employed by Covenant (particularly Jiralhanae and Evocati) forces during the empire's reign, the Zebando'Taa has seen some proliferation during the post-war era. The rifles are nonetheless a rare sight[1], though they were in particular favoured by the forces of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction. Within the faction, Sangheili Warriors were particular operators of the concussion rifle, and employed it during their battle and later long-term campaigns on Requiem.[3][4]

In-game information[edit]

Main article: Concussion Rifle

The Zebando'Taa-pattern concussion rifle is the concussion rifle variant introduced for use in Halo 4. It is a slight redesign of the Elo'Nakada featured in Halo: Reach, though performs mostly the same. For more gameplay information about the Concussion Rifle, see here.

Production notes[edit]

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In early alpha builds of Halo 4, the Zebando'Taa was originally given an alternate concept design pass by artist Glenn Israel, which would have redesigned the concussion rifle more significantly with a bulkier form. This concept was given a rough 3D pass and implemented in early development, though by the final game the model went unused and the weapon instead simply consisted of a retextured Halo: Reach concussion rifle model.[5] Israel's concept sheets for the concussion rifle in Halo 4 also produced the design that would later go on to become the Tufasumo-pattern plasma caster in Halo 5: Guardians.


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