Halo 5: Guardians Blue Team Opening Cinematic

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The Halo 5: Guardians Blue Team Opening Cinematic, also called Go For Blue,[1] was released on September 23, 2015. It is the opening cinematic for the Halo 5: Guardians mission Blue Team.[2]


Trailer begins, John-117 is in the pilot seat of a Pelican and is looking at his helmet face to face. He then rotates it and prepares to put it on before pausing to look at the AI data crystal chip port in the back of his helmet.

Pelican is shown flying towards Argent Moon.

Fred-104, Kelly-087 and Linda-058 are in the Pelican's troop bay, preparing their gear.

  • Fred-104: "I haven't seen Chief press himself like this since we were in boot camp."
  • Kelly-087: "He's fine, Fred."

Kelly-087 passes a DMR to Fred-104.

  • Fred-104: "Well, this many missions non-stop isn't fine."

John-117 puts on his helmet and activates a COM link to the UNSC Infinity.

  • John-117: "Sierra-117 to Infinity, Blue Team has located Argent Moon. Signs of hostile activity, but she's still here."
  • Infinity (COM): "Copy that, 117. Eliminate all hostiles, secure Argent Moon. You may deploy when ready."
  • John-117: "Affirmative, Infinity. 117 out."

John-117 cuts the feed and slows the Pelican down. He enters the Pelican's troop bay.

  • Kelly-087: "Here you go."

Kelly-087 passes John-117 an MA5D.

  • John-117: "Thanks, Kelly. Everyone ready?"
  • Linda-058: "Affirmative."

Linda-058 opens the Pelican's exit ramp. John-117 starts to walk towards the rear of the Pelican.

  • Fred-104: "You good?"

John-117 nods. He then walks to the back of the Pelican.

  • John-117: "Blue Team, fall out."

Blue Team activates their thrusters and jump out of the Pelican. They maneuver through a cluster of asteroids and head towards Argent Moon.

Inside Argent Moon, a group of Sangheili soldiers are inside a room. A Sangheili Storm walks up to his Commander.

  • Sangheili Storm: "The Unggoy are resisting."
  • Sangheili Commander: (growls) "Throw the Unggoy out the airlock!"

Blue Team approaches the large window that leads to the room with the Sangheili. As they get close, Blue Team opens fire to weaken the window and they all manage to break the glass on impact and enter the room. They use their thrusters to slow themselves down and stop in front of the Sangheili Commander.

The Sangheili all activate their energy swords and run towards Blue Team but are blown out into space. The Spartans activate their thrusters and the magnet systems in the boots, which keep them attached to the floor. The Sangheili Commander lunges at the Spartans with his sword but they dodge the attack and the Sangheili is blown out into space. The window's blast door closes and Blue Team prepares to move. Fade to black.

Halo5 Logo onLight CMYK Final.jpg

Cut to 343 Industries logo.

Cut to Xbox logo.

  • Voiceover: "Only on Xbox One."

Cut to Microsoft logo.