Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: Cryo

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Cryo is a short promotional piece for the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn webseries. It depicts two new cadets at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science as they discuss their upcoming cryo-training. It was released on August 31, 2012 on Halo Waypoint and on YouTube by MachinimaPrime.[1][2]


Scene opens to a corridor in Corbulo Academy of Military Science. Cuts to Junjie Chen in front of his wardrobe. He unzips and takes off his shirt.

  • Junjie Chen (voiceover): "What's it like?"

Chen looks at the mirror next to him, and takes off his spectacles.

  • Junjie Chen (voiceover): "What's cryo-sleep like?"

He unties his shoelace.

Chen puts on a black shirt.

  • Dimah Tchakova (voiceover): "You breathe in, the chill spreads through your chest.

Cuts to Chen pulling over the blanket on his bed. Cuts to a room, where both Tchakova and Chen are already lying down on their respective beds.

  • Supervisor: Lights out, cadets."

Cuts to a corridor in the academy. The lights turn off row by row.

  • Dimah Tchakova (voiceover): "And the surfactant, you can feel it filling your lungs."

Cuts to Chen lying on his bed, looking over to Tchakova. The lights in the room turn off. Cuts to Tchakova lying on her bed. She looks up to the ceiling.

  • Dimah Tchakova: "And by the time you realize your eyes are closed..."

Cuts to a dark figure inside a cryo chamber, then to the figure's perspective, which slowly fades to black.

  • Dimah Tchakova: "They are already too heavy to open."

Cuts back to Tchakova, who looks over to Chen.

  • Dimah Tchakova: "It's black."

Cuts to Chen looking anxiously at her. He looks back at the ceiling. Cuts back to Tchakova, who continues.

  • Dimah Tchakova: "Sometimes you can feel it the moment it happens... but not always."

Cuts to Chen looking at her.

  • Junjie Chen: "Ever scared of it?"

Cuts to Tchakova, and then quickly to a forest, and then back to her.

  • Dimah Tchakova: "Y'know, people dream in there.

Cuts to a forest.

  • Dimah Tchakova (voiceover): "Really strange dreams."

Cuts to a bright light inside a forest. Cuts back to Tchakova.

  • Dimah Tchakova: "But not me. For me, it's like dying... and then waking up again."

Cuts to Chen staring at her.

  • Supervisor: "Door closing."

Tchakova smiles at him.

  • Dimah Tchakova: "Sweet dreams."

She looks away, at the ceiling. Chen gulps.

Cuts to the room as the door slides shut. Cuts to black.