Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: Prelude

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Prelude[note 1] is a short prologue to Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn available on the DVD and Special Edition versions of the series. It introduces the seven main cadets of Hastati Squad, utilizing segments of the "Enlist" and "Squad" promotional shorts, as well as the character interviews, and other lines not heard elsewhere.


Fades in to Thomas Lasky sitting anxiously on a chair as a barber throws a piece of black cloth over him. Cuts to Michael Sullivan in the same situation, followed by Walter Vickers.

  • Thomas Lasky (voiceover): "This is a military academy. They're, uh, teaching us how to fight."

An ODST is standing at attention in a room. Cuts to a squad of geared up Cadets marching across Corbulo Academy's campus. Scene switches back to the ODST briefly, before cutting back to Lasky, whose hair is now being shaved off.

  • Thomas Lasky (voiceover): "My older brother, he trained here. You know, he was quite popular. He was, y'know, a whole lot of the teachers' favorites..."

Cuts to Sullivan as his hair is being shaved off.

  • Michael Sullivan (voiceover): "There are times I do get lonely, but I made a couple friends..."

Cuts to Vickers' grim expression as his hair is being shaved off. Cuts to his hair landing on the floor.

  • Walter Vickers (voiceover): "Socially, I don't know, I don't think I fit in all-all-all too well."

Cut to Hastati Squad, geared up, advancing through a darkened training room. They simultaneously drop to the ground, simulating taking cover.

Cut to Lasky in his Corbulo dress uniform, speaking to the camera.

  • Lasky: "My name is Thomas Lasky, and I'm, uh, a cadet... freshman."

Cuts to Lasky standing in a row with the rest of his squad. April Orenski moves down the line, inspecting them. Closeup of Lasky's face.

  • Lasky (voiceover): "The academy is tough in itself. It's such a strict and hostile environment. We're trying to learn how to go into battle and essentially kill somebody..."

Cut to Sullivan, wearing his dress uniform, speaking to the camera.

  • Sullivan: "My name is Michael Sullivan, and I am a freshman cadet."

Cuts to Sullivan in the line. Closeup of his face. Cut back to Sully in the interview.

  • Sullivan: "We're training to fight Insurrectionists."

Cuts to a shot of an adult Marine, followed by a closeup of Sully in line again.

  • Sullivan (voiceover): "I guess I'm following the footsteps of my dad. At least I think so. I've never met him."

Camera pans down the line to Vickers.

  • Vickers (voiceover): "My father is a chief financial adviser at Misriah Weapons. I was always suppose to come here."

Cut to Vickers in the interview room.

  • Vickers: "It was always something that... it'd been planned for me."

Cuts back to Hastati squad standing in line, as Orenski moves down.

  • Vickers (voiceover): "Walter Vickers. Freshman cadet."

Focus on Orenski.

Cut to Orenski in the interview room.

  • Orenski: "I'm a senior cadet. I'm the squad leader for Hastati Squad."

Cuts back to Orenski inspecting the other cadets. She turns around to face the camera. Cuts to another geared-up cadet in the training room. The word "CAMS" is painted on the wall in the background.

  • Orenski (voiceover): "I was really looking for a place where I can serve the UNSC. And Corbulo Academy is the best."

Cuts back to Hastati squad lined up. Camera pans across to JJ Chen. Cuts to JJ in the interview room.

  • Junjie Chen: "I'm so new to everything... Y'know, I wasn't raised in this kind of environment, so I'm still trying to... I'm-I'm trying to fit in."

Cuts back to Hastati squad lined up. Camera pans back across Chen.

  • Chen (voiceover): "My name is Junjie Chen. I'm a Freshman cadet."

Camera pans toward Chyler Silva, standing in line. Cut to Silva in the interview room.

  • Chyler Silva: "I'm Chyler Silva and I'm a Freshmen cadet at Corbulo Academy of Military Science."

Cut to a closeup of Silva's face. Cut to Hastati Squad in the training room. They advance forward, weapons raised, then drop down.

  • Silva (voiceover): "I sorta always knew that I wanted to be military. My mom taught me how to hold a rifle when I was ten."

Scene cuts back to Hastati squad lined up. Camera pans around Dimah Tchakova's head.

  • Dimah Tchakova (voiceover): "This training... it's-it's part of who I'm about to become."

Shot of a cadet looking at an enormous UNSC propaganda poster.

  • Tchakova (voiceover): "I have to do what I have to do to get ahead in life."

Cuts to Tchakova in the interview room.

  • Tchakova: "My name is Dimah Tchakova. I'm Freshman cadet."

Cuts to Hastati squad, fully geared up and lined up for inspection in a forest clearing.

  • Sullivan (voiceover): "It's been kind of hard but I think structure..."

Cut to Sullivan in the interview room.

  • Sullivan: "...guides people."

Cut to Vickers, geared up, standing outside waiting for inspection. He looks to his left slightly.

  • Vickers (voiceover): "I think it's hard, but too severe?"

Cut to Vickers in the interview room.

  • Vickers: "No. I don't think it's too severe."

Cut to a Marine standing in the training room, followed by a shot of Vickers standing outside.

  • Vickers (voiceover): "If anything it's not severe enough and I don't think we're winning. And I think we need to do everything possible to win."

A geared up Orenski turns and moves down the line, revealing a geared up Chyler Silva. Cut to a shot of Hastati squad aiming their assault rifles in the training room.

  • Silva (voiceover): "It's not a game. It's training for life. I need to be good at this because I believe in this war."

Outside again. Camera pans to a geared up Lasky, followed by a shot of a fully-armored ODST in the training room.

  • Lasky (voiceover): "I'm starting to think that we could sort these things out without going into battle and killing innocent people. I can't really say stuff like that at this school, because people kinda laugh at me, and they kinda bully me a bit."

Cuts to outside again, where Dimah lines up next to Vickers. They both look slightly to their left. Cut to a shot of Hastati squad in the training room.

  • Vickers (voiceover): "What do I think of the Insurrectionists? I think they're selfish. You don't kill people who aren't even fighting. It's not right."

Cut to a closeup of Silva in gear, followed by a medium shot of officer cadets walking across Corbulo Academy's campus.

  • Silva (voiceover): "I grew up around a lot of Innie violence, and not just violence towards military targets. Civilians where I lived really had to learn how to protect themselves."

Close up of Orenski outside, followed by a shot of a Marine standing at attention in the training room.

  • Orenski (voiceover): "Being a squad leader means I am their leader. I'm responsible for them."

Orenski walks by Lasky outside. Shot of her standing at attention as a Warthog drives up.

  • Orenski (voiceover): "They call me 'the Robot' behind my back, but I don't mind."

Shot of the ODST in the training room, followed by a closeup of the Academy's emblem engraved on a geared up cadet's chest plating.

  • Orenski (voiceover): "I'm proud to do things the Corbulo way. The UNSC way."

Cuts to Vickers getting his hair shaved off.

  • Vickers (voiceover): "I don't think we're supposed to fit in or necessarily make friends, as long as we work together and we work hard and we do what we're supposed to do."

Shot of a geared up cadet practicing maneuvers in the training room.

  • Vickers (voiceover): "In that sense I feel like I fit in great."

Cuts back to Vickers, who is now getting the rest of his hair removed.

  • Vickers (voiceover): "I feel like I'm meant to be here."

Cuts to Lasky, his haircut finished. He reaches up and feels his shaven head.

  • Lasky (voiceover): "My brother always thought I'd be a good soldier."

Cuts to Hastati Squad lined up in the training room. The ODST looks them over.

  • Silva (voiceover): "Being a soldier isn't about mindless violence. You need a clear head, and given the Insurrectionists, killing is part of that."

Cuts to Sully, feeling his shaven head.

  • Sullivan (voiceover): "Would I be able to take another life?"

Cuts to Vickers, feeling his shaven head.

  • Vickers (voiceover): "Yeah. I'd be able to kill. After all, it's kill-or-be-killed."

Cuts to Lasky as he feels the back of his shaven head.

  • Lasky (voiceover): "I don't really feel like I'm ready to go into battle."

Cuts to one of the UNSC cadets. He turns, and reveals himself to be Lasky. Cuts back to Lasky, after having his head shaven.

  • Lasky (voiceover): "I don't think I could kill another human being. Ever."

Cuts to black.


  1. ^ "Prelude" is the title attributed to this particular segment in the DVD's chapter select menu.