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Junjie Chen
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c. 2510


April 26, 2526[2]

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United Nations Space Command


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Junjie "JJ" Chen was an officer cadet of the United Nations Space Command.[3][4]


One of the few cadets from Earth, Chen attended the Corbulo Academy of Military Science as a freshman of Hastati Squad. Chen's academic performance at Corbulo was exemplary, and he was a keen participant in lectures.[5] Although he stated that he was most comfortable with the field exercises and not as engaged by the technical subjects,[6] his scores in combat training were considered sub-par, which he blamed on his maverick squadmate Thomas Lasky. Like almost everyone in the squad he shunned Lasky, considering him an "Innie-lover" for being somewhat sympathetic to Insurrectionist aims.[7]

Chen's attendance in the academy was largely due to the wishes of his parents. His mother had died five years earlier and he enrolled in the academy at his father's insistence.[2] Junjie's father had high expectations for his son's future and he would often message him while he was at Corbulo in response to his performance. Chen took his father's advice to heart, but could be distressed if he felt he had not lived up to his father's expectations.[7] Although he had prepared himself for the rigorous physical training beforehand, he considered the emotional stress the most challenging aspect of his life in the academy.[6]

During the Covenant invasion of Circinius IV in 2526, Hastati Squad was to be evacuated via the Academy's space elevator. However, after the Covenant's destruction of the tether, the squad was caught in the battle between UNSC Marines and the Covenant military. The squad attempted to escape to the Academy's armory with Chen taking point. However, after moving a short distance Chen stopped, realizing that an active camouflaged Sangheili Zealot was standing immediately in front of him. The Zealot impaled Chen with his energy sword, killing him instantly.[8]

Non-canon and dubious canon appearances[edit]

Fractures: Entrenched[edit]

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This article contains information from the Entrenched Fractures universe, and is not a part of the established Halo canon. To learn more information about the Entrenched universe, see its article.

Chen was a Sky Marshal astro-ranger in the Unified Nations Security Confederation. During the Final War, he was a part of a battalion of 300 Sky Marshals in a raid on the Project: PERPETUA factory complex on Covenant occupied Luna. Chen was killed in a firefight with Covenant forces by an arcanoblade, leaving behind his gummytube filter for Commander Kolby to salvage.[9]


Chen had never experienced cryo-sleep before Corbulo Academy's cryo training began,[10] despite having traveled from Earth to Circinius IV.

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Chen is portrayed by Canadian actor Osric Chau.


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