Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: Recruitment

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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: Recruitment is a short video featured in the bonus material for the Special Edition of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn available on Halo Waypoint. One minute 59 seconds long, it is a presented as an advertisement for the Corbulo Academy of Military Science and is narrated by the academy's headmaster, General Black.[1]


The Corbulo Academy insignia is shown, then a close-up of Gen. Black's medal ribbons and collar rank insignia. Cut to Black standing in front of a UNSC propaganda poster at Corbulo Academy.

  • Black: "We fight the good fight. Each and every one of you here before me - you know exactly what I'm talking about."

Cut to cadets Walter Vickers, Thomas Lasky and Michael Sullivan having their heads shaved. Cut back to Black, then to an overhead view of Corbulo Academy superimposed by the academy's insignia and name.

  • Black: "We are still at war. And every cadet who wishes to fight will get that chance. Here at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science we take the best, and we train the best."

Various shots across Corbulo Academy, then of the cadets performing close-combat training, overseen by drill instructors.

  • Black: "This is the single finest off-Earth combat facility ever built. Cadets train exclusively with the most decorated veterans the UNSC has to offer."

A montage of April Orenski putting on her combat gear, shots of Hastati Squad, random views of Corbulo Academy, and another shot of Gen. Black.

  • Black: "They will master tactics. Arming. Weaponry. Send me you sons, your daughters. And I will transform their bodies, I will discipline their minds, and I will rid their hearts of fear."

Cut to a cadet observing a propaganda poster, the Hastati Squad running across Corbulo Academy's courtyard.

  • Black: "Make no mistake. This is a call to arms. The enemy is out there waiting, in the shadows of those stars, to slaughter our future."

Various shots of Hastati Squad, then cut back to Gen. Black.

  • Black: "So I ask you: What will your legacy be?"

Action shots of cadets in training.

  • Black: "Send me the next generation of soldiers and I will give you the next generation of heroes."

Brief shot of Black, then shots of a cadet squad, a UNSC Marine and an ODST.

  • Black: "We are UNSC!"

View closes up on Gen. Black for emphasis.

Cut to black, with the Corbulo Academy insignia and name, followed by the words ENLIST NOW.


Although not released until the Special Edition included with Halo 4, the video was evidently created prior to the post-production phase of Forward Unto Dawn; the overhead shot of the Corbulo Academy campus, in actuality the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, lacks the visual effects seen in the series proper, such as the academy's space elevator, the satellite dishes or the wind turbines.