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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: Enlist

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Enlist is a short promotional piece for the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn webseries. It examines the thoughts and feelings of three recruits as they enter Corbulo Academy of Military Science. It was released on August 24, 2012 on Halo Waypoint and on YouTube by MachinimaPrime.[1][2] The short is also featured as part of the bonus material in Special Edition cut of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

An extended version of this sequence, titled "Prelude" is available on the DVD and Special Edition versions of the film, and serves as a prologue. It introduces the seven main cadets of Hastati Squad and uses parts of the "Enlist" and "Squad" shorts, and the bonus character interviews, as well as other lines.


Fades in to Thomas Lasky sitting anxiously on a chair as a barber throws a piece of black cloth over him. Cuts to Michael Sullivan in the same situation, followed by Walter Vickers.

  • Thomas Lasky (voiceover): "This is a military academy. They're, uh, teaching us how to fight."

An ODST is standing at attention in a room. Cuts back to Lasky, whose hair is now being shaved off.

  • Thomas Lasky (voiceover): "My older brother, he trained here. Yeah, he was quite popular. He was, y'know, a lot of the teachers' favorites, as opposed to me...."

Cuts to Sullivan as his hair is being shaved off.

  • Michael Sullivan (voiceover): "There are times I do get lonely, but I made a couple friends..."

Cuts to Vickers' grim expression as his hair is being shaved off. Cuts to his hair landing on the floor.

  • Walter Vickers (voiceover): "Socially, I don't know, I don't think I fit in all-all-all too well."

Cuts to Sullivan staring blankly into space as the barber shaves his hair off.

Cuts to a UNSC cadet, equipped in battle dress uniform, standing at attention. Cuts back to Lasky.

  • Thomas Lasky (voiceover): "I think that we could sort these things out without going into battle and killing innocent people. I can't really say stuff like that at this school, because people kinda laugh at me, and they kinda bully me a bit."

Cuts back to Vickers.

  • Walter Vickers (voiceover): "What do I think of the insurrectionists? I think they're selfish."

Cuts to Sullivan, then to the UNSC cadet.

  • Michael Sullivan (voiceover): "It was really nice coming to a place that has structure, I guess, and Corbulo Academy has that for me."

Cuts to Vickers.

  • Walter Vickers (voiceover): "I don't think we're supposed to fit in or necessarily make friends, as long as we work together and we work hard and we do what we're supposed to do; in that sense I fell like I fit in very- I feel like I'm meant to be here."

Cuts to Sullivan, then to a line of UNSC cadets in a room.

  • Michael Sullivan (voiceover): "Now, I never really had a steady home. So now this is my home."

The ODST looks at the cadets. Cuts back to Lasky as the barber remove the black cloth.

  • Thomas Lasky (voiceover): "My brother, he's a much better soldier than I am."

Cuts to Sullivan as he feels his shaven head.

  • Michael Sullivan (voiceover): "Would I be able to take another life?"

Cuts to Vickers as he feels his shaven head.

  • Walter Vickers (voiceover): "I think when the opportunity comes, I will be able to kill."

Cuts to Lasky as he feels the back of his shaven head.

  • Thomas Lasky (voiceover): "I don't really feel like I'm ready to go into battle."

Cuts to one of the UNSC cadets. He turns, and reveals himself to be Lasky. Cuts back to Lasky, after having his head shaven.

  • Thomas Lasky (voiceover): "I don't think I can kill another human being. Ever."

Cuts to black.