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Halo: Nightfall First Look is a trailer for Halo: Nightfall. It was first shown at the 343 Industries panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. [1]


Fade in to a room in a hospital with Randall Aiken sitting next to a bed occupied by a patient. Aiken looks to his left.

Cut to a set of rocks, then switches to Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke.

  • Randall Aiken: "This is on you. You know that, don't you? They weren't after us, they were after you. UNSC. Because you were operating here on our soil."

Cut to a shot of Talitha Macer. Soldiers working on a Condor transport in the rain. An ONI team including Locke walking across a hangar. Switch back to rocks, which now show a body in ONI Nightfall armor with the shot focused on the chest plate and ONI insigna. Cut to someone undergoing decontamination. A shot of someone in a space suit undergoing turbulence before hitting a wall.

  • Gregory Ramos: "People from eight to ten kilometers away are being infected."

Cut to a large crowd of people in a room which shakes. Locke looking down a corridor with an M6H magnum drawn. Cut back to the rocks with a magnum alongside an armored glove. The magnum's lights glow red before changing to green.

  • Rear Admiral Goodwin: "It'll be a bold move. Send a team in, destroy the deposits and nab whoever it is that's mining the stuff."

Cut to an armed group in Nightfall armor walking down a hill (interrupted by a cut to a pair of armored boots worn by someone walking down the hill). The group enters an open cavern and point M395 DMRs at an offscreen target. Cut to the same armored glove from before and moves right onto a flashlight, a green container, and the stock of an MA5D rifle. Cut to two marines walking down a hallway carrying MA5D assault rifles.

  • Locke: "Didn't find out what he was carrying, but found out where it came from. He says it's sourced from a place that no one will go."

A group in Nightfall armor, walking in terrain similar to the rocks shown before, entering a foggy space, scaling down a cliff, and then entering an underground cavern. Cut to Locke looking around with Macer and Alistair Bov Estrin while holding M395 DMRs.

  • Locke: "He says it's sourced from hell."

Cut to a Nightfall helmet. The camera then pans up to reveal the body rests on a piece of Installation 04. The Halo Theme plays.

Halo: Nightfall

From Executive Producer Ridley Scott