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Halo: The Movies

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Halo: The Movies DVD cover.
The cover.

Halo: The Movies is a DVD produced by Bungie's Cinematronics Department in 2002, containing a compilation of media from Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2, in addition to pre-Xbox Halo gameplay footage and other extras. The DVD was distributed among Bungie employees exclusively and never sold in stores.[1]


In your undeserving hands you hold a shiny digital repository of all the Halo cinematic goodness your feeble mind can tolerate — and then some.

THIS DVD IS NOT FOR SALE!! You aren't allowed to make duplicates of it or we will find you and summarily kick your ass.

If you whine about it, we'll make sure to talk about how big a wuss you are in all our meetings and on our website and we'll even tell your Mom.

So, hey, we hope you like this DVD collection! ANABJP







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