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yeah that's fine. For specific subjects (weapons, vehicles, levels) i'd probably link those pages directly though. We also have the Development of Halo: Combat Evolved page too, which might be of interest.


Well, it's always been a pretty bad page in the sense that the info on it was pretty slim - it's just an incomplete gallery of low-res screenshots without much info. I've been making pages like the Cut Halo CE Weapons page to better divide up the information, and get to fully-elaborate on the context and info and stats for the various weapons, vehicles and creatures (etc). The Pre-Xbox page is likely just going to get used as a hub to list all of the stuff in each of the different stages of development, with links to the other pages.


Hey, I just figured I'd let you know that the Pre-Xbox Halo page is going to be killed off pretty soon, once the info has been updated on other pages in more detail. No need to update images if you don't wanna.


Ah, gotcha. Would you be able to make a note of that in the summaries of future uploads? (and same for anything similar from these kinds of press kits). It helps us when knowing where info comes from, is all. Thanks! It's amazing getting these in a high resolution.


The H2 Eddie Smith concept art of New Mombasa; I've never been able to find higher resolution versions of these on the internet.