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Halo fan from day one and longtime lurker.

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I like lecturing Grunts on the intersectionality in which different systems of oppression concur with cispecies power structures and Sangheili privilege within the Covenant Empire. I also warn them of the dangers of cultural appropriation by issuing threats in English to human ships.

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There are too many great moments to pick just one.

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The Flood!

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Yes, I was blinded by Halo's majesty.

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Ah, gotcha. Would you be able to make a note of that in the summaries of future uploads? (and same for anything similar from these kinds of press kits). It helps us when knowing where info comes from, is all. Thanks! It's amazing getting these in a high resolution.


The H2 Eddie Smith concept art of New Mombasa; I've never been able to find higher resolution versions of these on the internet.


Hey, just a quick question - where have you been getting these hi-res concept art images from? It'd be great if you could mention the image source URL in the upload template.